Jason Jordan vs. Curt Hawkins: Raw, July 24, 2017

According to a post by CagesideSeats and statistics released by CageMatch, ‘Raw’ superstar Curt Hawkins has achieved a new statistic in his wrestling career.

Hawkins is no stranger to a loss as he has accumulated over 400 of them in his career, with over 50% of his matches ending in defeat. While this certainly doesn’t take away from how talented he is, it definitely paints a picture for the latest statistic. Hawkins is on a 100-match losing streak, with his last win coming against Apollo Crews in Glasgow back on 8 November, 2016.

As you can see from the post above, Hawkins was definitely aware that he reached that amount of defeats in a row. Another ‘Raw’ superstar in Finn Balor, who recently defeated Hawkins on the program took to Twitter to acknowledge and congratulate Hawkins on the statistic.

Here’s to hoping Hawkins racks up some wins in the future. Stay tuned to Wrestling Rumors for updates on Hawkins, as we recently reported his wife had given birth.

Editor’s Note:

I really do hope that Hawkins is able to get some more victories soon. That isn’t exactly the best statistic to be known for. I have always liked Hawkins and his ‘Face the Facts’ gimmick would’ve worked amazing had he been booked more prominently.

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