Independent wrestling sensation Matt Sydal, also known as Evan Bourne in WWE, was recently interviewed by The Roman Show about various topics related to wrestling. Below are a few highlights from the conversation.

On the fresh faces in the independent wrestling circuit:

“There weren’t really surprises because I pay attention to the wrestling industry. I’ve always been somebody who wants to be on top of who are the next up and coming guys, who’s innovating, who’s creating, who’s using their imagination in what they’re doing. And getting to work with these guys first hand is so much better than watching them on tape. Because then I really know, ‘is this guy live up to the reputation that he has?’ because the only way to really know is to get in there one on one and wrestle with these guys. And I found that there is a wealth of talent here in the independent scene. And a lot of guys that I’m excited to wrestle for the first time, and a lot of guys that I’m excited to wrestle for the first time in eight or 10 years.”

He briefly discussed his time in WWE, noting who he learned the most from:

“The most fun I had working with was Chavo Guerrero Jr. That’s the guy I had the most fun with. He taught me a special type of wrestling. It’s something you can’t learn from watching tapes. You can only learn it physically.”

Sydal also criticized anyone who has bad-mouthed one of the most popular wrestlers on the independent circuit today, AJ Styles:

“Anyone who says when you wrestle AJ Styles you have to be careful is a moron. He is possibly the best pro wrestler at this very instance. You can’t deny he is the Top 5. It’s not ballet. I’ve wrestled him a ton of times. No accidents; no problems.”

The entire interview can be viewed below.

Editor’s Note

It should come as no surprise to anyone Sydal is ripping up the independent scene. That fits his style more than the WWE mold.



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