“Mr. Money in the Bank” Seth Rollins was in Milwauke, Wisconsin Tuesday prior to the “Smackdown” tapings in the area, and stopped by local affiliate TMJ4 to discuss what’s going on with his wrestling career right now. Below are some of the highlights.

Regarding the Money in the Bank briefcase:

“I kind of refer to it as my golden ticket. It’s the keys to the castle. It’s a very prestigious honor. If you look at the past Money in the Bank winners, you’ve got a lot of big names there, and they’re big shoes, but I think I can fill them.”

How his finisher has gained some recognition of late:

“The ‘Curb Stomp’ man, it’s a pretty vicious move. I picked it up from a Japanese wrestler a long time ago on my travels on my way to WWE, it just seemed to be pretty effective and simple, I could do it to anybody if I caught them in the right position. You put the sole of your boot to the back of a guy’s head and drive them to the mat, it seems to be pretty effective. I enjoy it personally, I don’t know if it’s great for anyone on the receiving end of that thing.”

When he plans on cashing in the briefcase:

“I tried at ‘Night of Champions,’ didn’t pan out for me, I’ve tried a couple times in the past, Ambrose was there to thwart me. It’s really a timing thing. I’ve got an entire year to cash this bad boy in, and do what I gotta do. I’m sure opportunity will present itself between now and the next ‘Money in the Bank,’ so it could be any time.”

He was also asked who he grew up watching in wrestling and who inspired him to become a professional wrestler:

“I was born in ’86, so I grew up with Hulk Hogan everything. Hulk Hogan lunchbox. Hulk Hogan briefcase. Hulk Hogan toothbrush, I had it all. Action figures with the little slingshot arm, all that stuff. So Hogan. I think when I got older, and I thought, you know, I think I want to be a wrestler. So I started paying attention to like a Shawn Michaels, “Mr. WrestleMania,” my favorite, probably the best of all-time as far as in-ring is concerned. Eddie Guerrero, a lot of the cruiserweights from WCW, as you can see, I kind of pattern my style after them, Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart is another one. Just guys who could kind of do it all in the ring. They could brawl, they had the technical side, high-flyers, those were kind of the people and style that I wanted to pattern myself after.” 

The rest of the interview can be viewed here.

Editor’s Note

I say it all the time to the rest of the Wrestling Rumors staff, but I feel Seth Rollins is really coming into his own right now. I think he has potential to be an enormous star, alongside Ambrose and Reigns. Great stuff.


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