Why does everyone hate TNA? Preconceived notion that the #2 company sucks? Repeating same mistakes as WCW? Blatant/watered down WWE rip off? NAY, I say, NAY!!!
TNA messed up and let negotiations with AJ STYLES fall apart, I admit that. Since AJ’s unceremonious departure, TNA has been doing this CRAZY THING…telling STORIES and Developing CHARACTERS!
Here is a list of people on the TNA Roster who I am currently interested in and a blurb about their character or current story line…
Ken Anderson – Cocky loud mouth, who is actually quite entertaining who is surving as a proxy for Christy Hemme to dispatch Samuel Shaw.
Samuel Shaw – “tortured artist” with a creepy dark side, he has an irrational obsessed with Christy Hemme and excuses his creepiness by saying he is “ARTISTIC” and those of us of lesser creative acumen just don’t understand him
EC3 (Ethan Carter III) – The brash, cocky, entitled nephew of TNA owner Dixie Carter, he believes that since “HE IS A CARTER, the WORLD NEEDS HIM” and he should be pushed directly into the title picture and be allowed to take short cuts.
RockStar Spud – “Dixie’s lapdog” – Dixie Carter’s bumbling British assistant who legitimately may be the most entertaining entity in professional wrestling today. He believe’s that Dixie Carter is the end all be all in the business and the universe and does everything to cater to her every selfish whim.
MVP – doing his best promo work of his career, he is the On Camera President of Wrestling operations for TNA and acts in the interest of fairness by using the montra Motivate, Validate & Participate.
Bully Ray – The loud mouth Bully (Baby Face!) who rebels against anyone and everything, currently involved with costing Dixie Carter control of her precious company.
Magnus – Former world champion, who turned heel by aligning himself with Dixie Carter’s regime. He looks and carries himself like a champion and doesn’t mind tapping out immediately when his title isn’t on the line. Cowardly, pompous heel.
Bobby Roode – Great in ring competitor who is serving as Dixie’s proxy to extract revenge on Bully Ray. Coming off a heated rivalry with Kurt Angle and holding his own and then some.
Eric Young – NEW WORLD CHAMPION and former guest on Grumpy Young Marks Podcast on VoiceOfWrestling.com! what’s not to love?!? Underdog who is playing the role of “great entertainer but not world champion material”. Eric has proved for 10 years why he IS a world class entertainer and wrestler. I don’t care if they “HOT SHOTTED” the angle, he deserves it and it was UNEXPECTED! #1 Worldwide Trend last night? you guessed it, ERIC YOUNG!
There are MANY more characters and story lines that are intriguing in TNA right now, but to make my point, I will save some time…
Here is a list of current WWE characters and storylines that I am currently interested in.
Daniel Bryan – Underdog WWE Champion who overcame the authority
Cesaro – Up and coming “STRONG MAN” who has unlimited potential but can’t cut a promo (at least not that I’ve seen)
Bray Wyatt – Sadistic “false prophet” who wants to watch the world burn.
Paul Heyman – Greatest mouthpiece in the history of the universe!
Do you get my point? TNA has been a superior product to WWE for MONTHS but NO ONE knows or seems to care. Wrestlemania 30 was amazing, arguably the best ever. People will hate this and its my first article, a GREAT WAY to start 🙂 People will say TNA is regurgitating Daniel Bryan’s storyline by making their bearded Underdog the champion, as if the underdog overtaking the evil authority figure was an original storyline in the first place.
I love WWE and I always will, it has too much lineage, history, marketing power, talent and $ to ever lose its #1 spot to TNA however, sometimes I wish wrestling fans would open their minds and STAY OFF THE INTERNET!
I will be writing articles every Friday for WrestlingRumors.net and I am extremely proud to be a part of the team. I have the privilege to host a pod cast on VoiceOfWrestling.com every Wednesday called “GRUMPY YOUNG MARKS”.
My guest this week was TNA WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION – “Showtime” ERIC YOUNG! Great guy, humble, funny, talented and totally deserves his latest accolade. Feel free to tweet me and tell me how much TNA and my initial article SUCKS!
Until WEDNESDAY, have a great weekend and FOCUS on the PAGENTRY!!
-JMC (Follow me on Twitter: @thatJMCdude)


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