It looks like the “Prize Fighter” is going to have to defend his new prize quicker than he thought.

Rumored earlier today, and confirmed tonight on “Monday Night Raw,” General Manager Mick Foley announced that in the main event of “Clash of Champions,” WWE Universal Champion Kevin Owens will be defending his title against Seth Rollins.

Below is the official preview for the match from

Seth Rollins is on his own, and Kevin Owens’ WWE Universal Championship is in his sights, at WWE Clash of Champions.

After a long and profitable stint as “The Man” under Triple H’s tutelage, Rollins was officially tossed to the side by The Game in the middle of a Fatal 4-Way for the vacant WWE Universal Championship, which was more or less handed to Kevin Owens on a platter as a result.

Following The Game’s decision to go rogue — Stephanie McMahon was allegedly unaware of his plans — Owens was officially annointed as the chosen one in a move that both validated The Prizefighter’s own years of hard work and positioned him as The Game’s new handpicked top star of Raw’s New Era. Rollins, meanwhile, was left jilted following his years of work in support of Stephanie and Triple H in The Authority, and Owens’ insninuation that The Architect had lost a step since his career-threatening knee injury provoked him into a fury against the new champion on Raw.

Stephanie was quick to suspend Rollins indefinitely for his display of aggression, but Raw General Manager Mick Foley, who wasn’t entirely convinced Triple H and Stephanie hadn’t planned the coup, vetoed the suspension and instead gave The Architect a chance to challenge Owens at WWE Clash of Champions.

Editor’s Note:

While this match will be outstanding, I’m just as interested in all of the sub-plots that are linked with this match. How does Chris Jericho tie in? What will happen between Triple H, Stephanie McMahon, and Mick Foley? There are so many ways that these stories can go, and I look forward to every minute of it.



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