The Club will once again have their opportunity to transform “New” into “Old.”

In a rematch from “SummerSlam,” the team of Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson will once again have the opportunity to challenge for the “Raw” Tag Team Championships, as they take on the champions, The New Day, at “Clash of Champions.”

Below is the official match preview from

Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson won’t be satisfied with merely ending the Raw Tag Team Championship reign of The New Day at WWE Clash of Champions. If the bruisers-in-black have their way, Big E, Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods will be forced into early retirement, never to be heard from again, after their match against Gallows & Anderson on Sunday, Sept. 25.

Having already dealt one painful sendoff to The Dudley Boyz, Gallows & Anderson now threaten to end more careers and turn The New Day into “The Old Day.”

The Club members injured Big E once before, taking him out with the first case of “ringpostitis,” a memory that is still fresh in the big man’s mind. But even though The New Day have fallen prey to Gallows & Anderson’s attacks, the champions remain as confident and irreverent as ever, ready to push further into year two as Raw’s top tag team.

Will the cruel-intentioned “retirement coordinators” cause The New Day to retreat to a lifetime of La-Z-Boys and Booty-O’s? Or can Big E, Kingston & Woods fight off Gallows & Anderson’s persistent onslaught?

Editor’s Note:

I guess they are now referring to The New Day as the “Raw” Tag Team Champions. Either way, this should be another great match, but I hope that we get to see The Club return to to the dominant, destructive team that they once were. They are much better in that role, in my opinion.



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