Sometimes, you need a secret weapon. WWE has posted a new video its YouTube channel in which they show the full Punjabi Prison Match between Jinder Mahal and Randy Orton for the WWE Championship from Battleground 2017. The Great Khali made a surprise return near the end of the contest.

You can see the match in its entirety below:


The Punjabi Giant’s return didn’t come a moment too soon, either. Orton’s prediction that Mahal had blundered by locking himself in a cage with The Viper had proven to be incredibly prescient. Orton used every inch of the steel-enforced bamboo to accentuate his cruel intentions, and the best thing Mahal could say about failing to walk through three of the inner cage’s four doors in the allotted 60-second increments was that Orton had failed to do so as well.

The Modern-Day Maharaja only made it through Door No. 4 after The Singh Brothers emerged from under the ring and helped haul him, half-unconscious from an RKO, through the door. What followed was a literal race to the end, as a groggy Mahal attempted to climb the outer structure while Orton effortlessly scaled the inner cage and stepped over to the outside one, landing right next to the champion and instantly resuming the punishment.

The Apex Predator managed to get Mahal off the cage by slamming his head into it, and The Singh Brothers struck again, yanking the 13-time World Champion off the cage and feeding him into a knee from Mahal. The Viper once again dismantled Sunil & Samir, even punching the latter off the side of the structure and through the commentary table when Samir wormed his way through the holes of the cage and attempted to counter Orton’s ascent.

With Mahal down to one foot-soldier, a battered and bruised Orton went to work with a steel chair, lacing into The Maharaja and Sunil Singh with impunity. Now with a clear path to the outside, Orton began his exit — and then The Great Khali made his entrance. The 7-foot-1 titan shook the entire structure with bare hands, causing Orton to nearly fall from the top. Khali then wrapped his massive hand around The Viper’s neck and refused to let go.

Mahal paused only to sneer in the ensnared Orton’s face before continuing his descent down the structure to the floor for the win.

Editor’s Opinion:

I still remember thinking that this structure is one of the weirdest concepts that WWE has ever had. I also remember thinking that Jinder Mahal did a good job as the WWE Champion and people don’t give him enough credit for the work that he did during that time.

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