Sometimes, you have to lead by example. Ever since Rey Mysterio won the United States Championship a few weeks ago, he has had to deal with a few different competitors who have been challenging him for his title.

However, a new contender emerged tonight, following a difficult night for the master of the 619.

Earlier in the evening, Seth Rollins and AOP said that they had a score to settle and that the fans might not like it. That score was against Mysterio, as later in the evening, the trio came out and beat down the United States Champion. This was due to the fact that Kevin Owens had used the steel pipe that Mysterio gave him on Rollins the previous week on Raw.

Following the beatdown, Rollins challenged Mysterio to a match for the United States Championship, which Mysterio accepted for next week’s show.

You can see the beatdown below:

Editor’s Opinion:

Tonight proved that the United States Championship is the No. 1 title on RAW and that the WWE Championship is virtually meaningless. Rollins, who is wanting to be the “leader” is not challenging for the US Title, which would make one think that that title means more than Lesnar’s.

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