Karl Anderson

  • Congratulations! SmackDown Superstar Welcomes New Son

    That matters more. There are all kinds of things that wrestlers have to do with the limited amount of free time that they have. With so much of their time...

    NewsNovember 1, 2023
  • AJ Styles, OC, Return To WWE Programming

    NewsApril 28, 2023
  • International Incident: WWE Star Loses Title At Major International Event

    It had to happen eventually. There are all kinds of titles in wrestling and some of the most well known are in WWE. Those are not all of the titles...

    NewsJanuary 5, 2023
  • Impact Wrestling Results – January 6, 2022

    Impact Wrestling Date: January 6, 2022 Location: Sam’s Town Live, Las Vegas, Nevada Commentators: Matt Striker, D’Lo Brown We’re back after two weeks off for the first show of the...

    NewsJanuary 7, 2022
  • Karl Anderson Gets In Heated Exchanges With Fans Over WWE’s Mental Health Counseling

    I don’t see this going well. WWE is a big company and has more resources than they know what to do with most of the time. The good thing is...

    NewsSeptember 3, 2021
  • Top AEW Name Confirmed For Return Next Week

    Welcome back. There are a lot of reasons why a wrestler might miss some time from the ring and some of them are a lot better than others. While you...

    NewsJuly 8, 2021
  • Impact Wrestling Results – March 23, 2021

    NewsMarch 30, 2021
  • Impact Wrestling Results – November 10, 2020

    Impact Wrestling Date: November 10, 2020 Location: Skyway Studios, Nashville, Tennessee Commentators: Josh Matthews, Madison Rayne We’re on the way to Turning Point, which is actually looking like a pretty...

    NewsNovember 15, 2020
  • UPDATE: WWE Releases TEN Wrestlers From Contracts

    The first of many? There is only so much room on the WWE roster and that has become more and more clear every single week. At the end of the...

    NewsApril 15, 2020
  • It Deserves Mention. Shinsuke Nakamura Did Something Very Cool For A Fellow Wrestler Outside Of The Ring.

    Cool Nakamura. Some wrestlers are awesome people in almost every situation. They have a lot of things on their plates as wrestlers, with a combination of staying in shape, traveling,...

    NewsSeptember 2, 2019