It had been previously reported that Alberto Del Rio was transitioning from a wrestling ring to an MMA arena. However, it would be appear that this lifestyle is following him wherever he goes.

According to a new report from LuchaBlog, the former WWE World Champion was involved in an altercation backstage at an IWRG show this weekend.

Del Rio, along with his girlfriend, Paige, were at the event, presumably to watch his brother wrestle. At one point in the evening, he went backstage, and ran into Ninja Turtle Rafy, aka Alan Xtreme. Although it is unclear what exactly caused the fight, apparently Rafy touched either Del Rio and/or Paige, and things just escalated from there.

The brawl sprawled out of the locker room and into the hallway that connects to the main arena floor.

Witnesses say that Rafy’s face is in rough shape, as the fight was very one-sided. It is also being said that Del Rio and Paige were seen drinking before the fight.


Editor’s Note:

Knowing Del Rio’s history, this doesn’t surprise me one bit. Also, these stories make me think even more that Paige’s time in WWE is done.

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