Mickie James falls into a class of the most popular female wrestlers. Even after her run with the WWE, James dominated the women’s division in TNA. According to Cageside Seats, James would “love” to make a return to the WWE.

The following quote, which James said during an interview with John Canton & Ray Moralde of the TJR Wrestling Podcast this week, and transcribed by Cageside Seats, said the following:

I’d love to go back there again because I loved my time there. I think the answer is always the same, but the ball isn’t really in your court. I’ve been able to leave my mark there and I’m happy and grateful for that. Of course I would go back if they asked me.

Mickie James commented that The Divas Revolution has earned great success and went so far as to comment on who she would like to wrestle against, should she get a call from Stanford. Some of the opponents aren’t so surprising:

It’s really hard to say. I’ve said Sasha Banks on Twitter before because she’s awesome. I think she’s a star. She’s got it! She can walk, she can talk, she can work…she’s really good. I think Ashley Flair (Charlotte) – love her as a person and I think she’s doing awesome – I’m so proud of her. I’d love to work with Paige…I think that would be fun. I just love working. I just love wrestling and I know what I would like to do with each person in terms of the story and match perspective.

While most wrestling fans would likely love to see Mickie James return, and compete in any one of those matches, the real question remains: Will anyone at WWE Corporate pick up the phone?

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