At Wrestlemania 19, Kurt Angle and Brock Lesnar, arguably two of the best in terms of technical wrestling, fought in an epic contest.

Towards the end of the match, Lesnar ascended the top ropes, which is very un-Lesnar-like. You know how Jim Ross feigns that “Good God what is he going to do?” Well, very few knew what Lesnar would do.

Leaping from the top ropes, Lesnar executed a shooting-star press, an extremely dangerous top rope maneuver, especially for a guy of his size. Lesnar botched the aerial assault, if you want to call it that, landing on his head and sustaining a severe concussion.

During the live podcast with Stone Cold Steve Austin after this past Monday’s RAW, Lensar said he never wanted to do the move. Kurt Angle “hated” that he did the move. An unnamed “someone” convinced Lesnar that the shooting star press would act as Lesnar’s “Wrestlemania Moment.”

While that was true, it seriously injured Lesnar and could’ve very well killed him at the angle he landed. So if Lesnar and Angle were against the spot, who was for it?

According to Wrestling Observer, Jim Ross said that someone was John Laurinaitis.

Lesnar said he didn’t want to do it but someone, who he wouldn’t mention, talked him into it saying it would be his WrestleMania moment. The person he didn’t mention was John Laurinaitis as far as the suggestion. Jim Ross he had said in other interviews was the guy who pushed it as his “WrestleMania” moment.

According to Wrestling Observer, Lesnar pulled the move off perfectly in Ohio Valley Wrestling, WWE’s developmental territory, yet, he was told not to do it again until the right time. Whether or not Wrestlemania 19 was the right time? History will tell.

Editor’s Note: While the attempt at a shooting star press by Lesnar was an amazing “Wrestlemania moment,” it came at a great cost. Lesnar sustained a massive concussion that night. Safety of the wrestlers should always come first. Injuries are expected in this sport, but no one needs to seek them out. Follow Bill Kline on Twitter @RealBillKline or on Facebook.


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