In preparation for the 2015 “Royal Rumble” event, Roman Reigns sat down with for an interview. In the in-depth interview, Reigns spoke about a number of topics, including his return feud with Big Show and his role in the 30-man Royal Rumble match.

When asked about his current feud with Big Show, Reigns said the following:

“Oh, god no [if he will work with anyone bigger in size.] You know Big Show’s a special case. Not only because of the vast experience he has and the years he’s put in and the journey he’s had, but he’s a giant. [laughs] It’s cool to say. Sometimes I just stop and think “We have a giant walking around backstage.” Who says that? I get to fight a giant on a weekly basis. How many people can raise their hand and claim that? So to be able to tangle up with him and get in the ring with him, not only is it an honor, it’s a challenge. There are so many things he can do athletically. And just from a power perspective, I’ve never been picked up the way he’ll just pick me up. And people consider me to be a big guy, you know, at 6’3″, 265. But when you step in there with a seven footer, damn near five hundred pounds, it’s a whole different realm. I’m just loving the opportunity.”

The man who set the record for Royal Rumble match eliminations, with 12 in 2014, talked about this year’s match. First, he talked about how it may be the year for a young star to take it, as no one like Batista is slated for this year’s annual match:

“Oh, absolutely. I actually think that in a situation like the Royal Rumble, no matter who’s coming back, former wrestler or any kind of big name, it’s open for anyone to win. Anyone can step up. I don’t think anyone thought I was going to do what I did last year when I had 12 eliminations and took the record off of Kane, and then be among the final two guys in the ring. Everybody was thinking about Bryan last year because he never came out, and they were thinking about Batista too, and not really thinking about me. So I think it’s an opportunity for anyone to step up and raise their game to the highest level.”

Additionally, Reigns hit on Daniel Bryan’s inclusion in the match:

“It doesn’t change anything for me. He’s considerably smaller than I am and this match isn’t about submissions or pinfalls, it’s about throwing a guy over the top rope. So I clearly have a weight advantage. I’m far more explosive. I think, if anything, I have the upper hand in a Royal Rumble match.”

IGN also asked Reigns to flash forward, as if he had won the 2015 Royal Rumble. Reigns was inquired about three potential WrestleMania 31 main event opponents: John Cena, Brock Lesnar, and Seth Rollins:

“No, I don’t have a preference. If I could, I’d make it a Fatal Fourway match and we’ll all duke it out. As far as match-ups are concerned, I feel pretty good about matching up with anybody. I’m sort of a hybrid wrestler. I’m extremely explosive, I’m a good athlete, I can move around. So I think it’d be a great match up between me and Brock. Cena too. And it’d be an great match-up between me and Seth. Just speed-wise and the things we can do together. So I think it’d be an awesome set up for a great match whichever way it might go down.”

Be sure to check out the full interview, here. Reigns also talks about his time away from the ring, the “Deflategate” scandal surrounding the NFL’s New England Patriots, what video games he plays, and much more.

Editor’s Note

This is a pretty good Roman Reigns interview, worth a read. You can definitely see that part of the problem for his bad promos is the writing, though not all of it.


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