This week on “RAW,” Triple H and Stephanie McMahon were at ringside for the main event between John Cena and The Authority. As captured by Chris Olds on Twitter, Triple H broke character and consoled a child after inadvertently making him cry.

The on-screen COO spoke with “Good Morning America” about the incident.

“As we were sitting ringside, the young man was behind me and he was chanting my name, over and over,” Paul “Triple H” Levesque told ABC News. “It was just me being in character. I said, with eye brows up, ‘Hey, stop messing with me. I’m trying to do my job over here.’”

After the boy, eight-year-old Lucian Deering, began to cry, H and his wife broke character and spoke with Lucian:

“I broke out of character, and put my head to his and messed his hair up,” Levesque said. “I just said, ‘Hey, buddy, it’s OK. I’m just playing around.’”

Afterwards, he took Lucian to the back with his father Chad to take pictures and collect some WWE merchandise. Chad added the following:

“For him to come out of character in front of all those people on live TV … it’s a pretty bold statement of, in reality, he’s pretty cool,” Deering said. “It’s a huge impression for an 8-year-old little boy that I can pretty much guarantee you he will never forget.”

The entire piece can be found here.

Editor’s Note

It was a pretty awesome thing of them to do. Glad it got the attention it deserves.


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