It’s no secret that Mauro Ranallo has been dealing with some issues as of late. It has been previously reported that it looks like his time with WWE is over, due to a number of issues.

The main problem seems to be that his lifelong battles with depression and bipolar disorder are causing him to struggle in his current announcing role in WWE. In addition, it has been reported that the back screen rivalry between him and JBL is all too real. However, JBL denies those reports, and wished Ranallo all the best in his recovery.

Ranallo posted the following cryptic tweet earlier today, stating that the truth cannot be hidden:

It should be noted that he has removed any mention of WWE from his Twitter profile, as well as deleted all of his tweets regarding WrestleMania.

Furthermore, he has taken to Twitter today, and responded to fans who have supported him in his battle with depression and bipolar disorder:

30 years in the making for Mauro Ranallo: SmackDown Fallout, January 7, 2016

Editor’s Note:

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Mauro Ranallo is the best part of “Smackdown Live.” The energy that he brings to the broadcasts each week make you even more engaged in the action. If these rumors are true, he will be sadly missed from WWE. We at Wrestling Rumors wish nothing but best for him as he continues to recover from his struggles.

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