Batista has not been featured on WWE programming since “quitting” in the summer of 2014. His run came to an abrupt ending with the WWE Universe glad to see him go. In the last two years, reports of tension between him and WWE officials haven’t been hard to find. There are still questions about how the fans will receive him when he returns.

After four years, Batista is scheduled to return to WWE television for SmackDown 1000 for a segment featuring Evolution. Triple H, Ric Flair, and Randy Orton are all expected to be a part of the segment. That’s a better situation for “The Animal.” A few weeks ago, he was unhappy that WWE officials hadn’t invited him to appear at SmackDown 1000.

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According to a report from Rajah, Batista complaining about the situation on Twitter is actually the reason WWE officials invited him. After seeing the tweet and hearing about his frustration, the powers that be contacted him and thought of the Evolution reunion.

It’s been reported by StillRealtoUs that Batista could return to the company for another run next year on the “Road to WrestleMania 35.” The WWE Universe’s response to him during the SmackDown 1000 show will have a massive impact on those plans coming to fruition. He will also need to mend the fences between himself and WWE management.

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Batista has claimed multiple times that he’s willing to make an extended run with the company. The belief is tension with WWE officials has been the biggest obstacle from making that happen. “The Animal” may have another chance to fix his dynamic with the fans. It would be great to see him end his wrestling career on a more positive note.

Are you still going to boo Batista when he returns for SmackDown 1000?


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