Roman Reigns is still in a unique position as “The Guy” in WWE and the current WWE World Heavyweight Champion, but he’s still being treated as a top face.

The fact is that he’s in the perfect position for a heel turn and some others agree. The question is just when to pull the trigger on the turn for Reigns.

Recently, “The Heart and Soul of ECW” appeared on TSN Canada and addressed some of the issues that are concerning WWE programming. right now, including, Ryback’s “equal pay” statement, social media, and when the time is right to turn Roman Reigns heel.

You can read the full interview right here. Below is what Tommy Dreamer had to say about the latter:

When should Roman Reigns turn heel? 

“Wait until Seth Rollins comes back. That can be (Reigns’) big heel turn. It’s funny because on social media on Mondays and Tuesdays, when everybody is talking about it just like we are, (Reigns’ heel turn) is a pop culture hot topic. To me, whatever happens with the (current) AJ Styles and Roman Reigns feud, the moment Seth Rollins comes back, Seth Rollins could be the biggest babyface WWE will have of all-time. ‘Hey, I want my title back, Roman Reigns.’ Guess what? He has just turned heel because no one is going to cheer him against Seth Rollins.”

Do you think Roman Reigns should turn heel?


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