The Miz has been used as the guy in between Chris Jericho and AJ Styles since they’ve needed someone to wrestle while WWE places the actual matches between AJ and Y2J carefully. However, that doesn’t mean no one has noticed Miz’s work.

Mick Foley recently wrote a new blog entry on his Facebook account detailing his thoughts on The Miz and how WWE has been using him to elevate other talents.

You can read the full entry right here, or you can read the full entry below:


Come on, admit it, The Miz has been really good the past several weeks on ?#?RAW? – and with a little probing into his past, it’s become clear to me that he’s actually been underrated as a character, a wrestler and a key antagonist for WWE for many years.

Sure, just a few weeks ago I declared that Miz’s match seemed like a good time to do my laundry – and at times, his constant repetition of main-eventing ?#?WrestleMania? has made me want to throw a second brick through a Foley television set. But I think it’s about time that guys like me – and people like you – started giving Miz his props.

It really took watching the new Daniel Bryan video “Daniel Bryan’s Greatest Moments” on ?#?WWENetwork? (available for a low monthly fee) to completely win me over. Not only is the video a fascinating look at Bryan’s tremendous career – allowing us to see his evolution as a wrestler and character over the years – but it also reinforced just how valuable the Miz was in in creating interest and empathy for an unlikely candidate for super-stardom.

That was 2010. Six years later, he’s at it again – helping create an atmosphere where a superior talent like AJ Styles can capture some of that same interest and empathy. Of course AJ received that phenomenal entrance at The Rumble, but as AC/DC has stated so eloquently: “it’s a long way to the top, if you want to rock ‘n’ roll!” and maintaining momentum over the long haul in WWE is a difficult task. In my opinion, The Miz is one of the best when it comes to keeping that ball rolling. I takes guts to be an unlikeable, egotistical jerk – and Miz has done it really well over the years. The fact that he has been really good in the ring the past several weeks is just kind of the icing on the cake.

I won’t go so far as to say “He’s the Miz… and he’s awesome!” But sometimes, he’s really good.

Tell me what you think. Dig down deep and find a favorite Miz moment to share.

Do you think The Miz is underrated?


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