Heading into Australia, the WWE Universe has been preoccupied with the rumors about Shawn Michaels possibly coming out of retirement. Most of the attention has been on a potential Brothers of Destruction vs. DX tag team match at ‘Crown Jewel.’ Because that’s been the focus, most fans have forgotten about HHH vs. The Undertaker this morning.

It has been rumored that Samoa Joe may fail to capture of WWE Championship from AJ Styles and interfere in the match somehow. That seems to be a little out of left field, but the WWE Universe has been expecting The Deadman to walk out of Australia victorious.

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According to a new report from DirtySheets, WWE officials are planning to have Triple H beat The Undertaker at “Super Show-Down.” On paper, it makes more sense if HBK is the one who helps The Game defeat The Deadman. That would be the major event the WWE Universe has been anticipating to logically get Shawn Michaels back in the ring.

Some people would argue Triple H versus The Undertaker is a match where the winner doesn’t matter. Sure, it’s the “last” match the rivals will ever have. In many ways, it’s the ultimate statement on who the better man truly is. However, the important dynamic of the situation is there’s more story. That’s why the prospect of more matches so exciting.

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From a record standpoint, Triple H has never defeated The Undertaker on a worldwide event like “Super Show-Down.” The Deadman is 4-0 against The Game, so WWE officials might be looking to give him one win over The Undertaker to end the feud once and for all. Honestly, a clean victory for either man is more satisfying than a surprise ending.

The Undertaker over Triple H or The Game over The Deadman?


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