The Undertaker and Triple H will face off in a match that WWE is referring to as the “Last Time Ever.” The two legends will apparently wage war for the final time at Australia’s Super Show-Down on Saturday, October 6. 

Of course a major twist for this match is the addition of both Shawn Michaels and Kane. The Heartbreak Kid will be in Triple H’s corner and The Big Red Machine will be in the corner of The Deadman. Many fans believe that this will directly impact the outcome of this match and they may very well be right. But what if someone else get involved? recently spoke to Samoa Joe about the match in what appeared to be a throwaway interview. But that assumption may be incorrect, as Joe may have foreshadowed some major involvement in the Triple H versus Undertaker match.

“Undertaker has a bit of an advantage when it comes to the mind games but I’ve found that good old H can be pretty resourceful when he wants to be. So I’m anxious to see what insurance he might pull out to ensure a favorable outcome.”

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What does Samoa Joe regret as The Undertaker and Triple H prepare to battle at WWE Super Show-Down?

Is it possible that The Samoan Submission Specialist could interfere on The Game’s behalf on October 6? The ring will already be a bit crowded thanks to the two legends at ringside. Surely Kane and Michaels would need a distraction, probably from each other, in order for Joe to slide in and give Hunter the assist. But why would he do that?

This idea goes back to Samoa Joe’s initial debut on the main roster in January of 2017. He came in and attacked Seth Rollins, in a spot that legitimately injured The Architect. Joe took that momentum forward and quickly became the hottest heel on Monday Night Raw. At the time, Joe claimed that he was not in league with Triple H but it was obvious that the two men were linked. Could it be that link is being established once again?

If so, then Super Show-Down could be the beginning of a renewed ride for Samoa Joe. Working as the right hand man of Triple H is a big deal for any WWE Superstar because of the spotlight it brings. This is especially true for Samoa Joe, who is already a proven main event powerhouse. He could once again become Hunter’s unofficial hitman and if that happens, the pair would be unstoppable. 

Joe has been on the rise recently thanks to his feud with WWE champion AJ Styles. Unfortunately for Joe, he’s been unable to defeat The Phenomenal One and take the WWE title. But if Joe and Triple H are actually in collusion, then AJ’s title reign may be in danger. It’s possible that Hunter will make a move at Super Show-Down to get the WWE Championship around Joe’s waist.

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Samoa Joe ambushes Seth Rollins: Raw, Jan. 30, 2017

However that move would likely not be at the hands of Triple H himself. All Hunter has to do is open the door, giving Joe the opportunity to strike. If that happens, then Samoa Joe will be the next WWE champion. But The King of Kings would definitely want something in return. 

That something would be a helping hand during Triple H’s match with The Undertaker. Hunter has taken the high road lately in terms of his character. He’s currently the popular NXT version of himself on the red brand and fans are playing along thus far. But Triple H is a heel at heart and it’s likely only a matter of time until he shows his true colors. This means that eventually, Hunter will do whatever must be done in order to win.

if Samoa Joe and Triple H do indeed join forces once again, then it would be a new day for both men. They could begin working together on WWE programming. Joe would be the protected WWE champion and Hunter would act his powerful benefactor. The Authority has not been on TV for quite a while so the time may be near for the group to make a comeback. Randy Orton and Seth Rollins each used The Authority as a vehicle to showcase their world title runs. Maybe Samoa Joe is the next logical champion to take that mantle.

The fact is that something must happen for Samoa Joe. While he has earned the respect from the fans and his peers alike, Joe needs to win a feud to be considered a real player in WWE. He couldn’t take the Universal Championship from Brock Lesnar. He did not win the Intercontinental Championship from Roman Reigns. While Joe really doesn’t need a title in order to get over, he does need a quality win in order for fans to care about him.

Watch Samoa Joe continue to play mind games with AJ Styles:

Samoa Joe invades AJ Styles' home: SmackDown LIVE, Sept. 25, 2018

So why not make the win a championship win? Why not put the WWE title around the waist of The Samoan Submission Machine? AJ Styles has had a great run as WWE champion and the company can go back to him at any point and it would work. Maybe this is Samoa Joe’s time. But if it is, then Triple H may just be part of the equation.

The Undertaker and Triple H will bring their legendary rivalry to Super Show-Down on October 6. Their match will surely be one to remember, whether Samoa Joe interferes or not. But WWE has planted the seed and now fans will be watching to see if Joe makes his presence known in a very big way.


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