For a while, it seemed that WWE officials were planning for Dana Brooke to receive a major push. She was aligned with Charlotte Flair during her heel run and it seemed to be only a matter of time before she became a huge babyface. Unfortunately, those plans never happened and Brooke has become completely irrelevant on WWE programming.

The Women’s Division is full of great performers and athletes, but it’s difficult to watch someone like Dana Brooke just sit on the sidelines. She’s got a great look and can hold her own in the ring to at least get some decent matches. However, Brooke took to social media last night to complain about a lack of ring time, which has gotten some attention.

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It seems that she’s not only being kept on the sidelines on Raw but during house shows as well. Obviously, WWE officials don’t consider her to be a priority. Honestly, she was struggling a couple of years ago, but it’s even more difficult with performers like Ember Moon moving to Raw after WrestleMania. There might not be a spot for her anymore.

Unless something changes, the expectation is Dana Brooke would be future endeavored sooner rather than later. She would probably make decent money on the independent scene, but that’s an uphill battle for someone who’s not even being booked on WWE TV.

Dana Brooke honors her late boyfriend on WWE 24 - Monday after Raw on WWE Network

Perhaps, airing her grievances on social media will get her some attention from WWE officials and get her back on WWE television. All too often, it just takes a slight change or one opportunity for a performer to make an impact. One way or another, Brooke’s WWE future is going to change. The only question is how long does she have left?

Does Dana Brooke deserve more television time?


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