One of the hottest feuds on WWE programming is Becky Lynch vs Charlotte Flair for the SmackDown Women’s Championship. A lot of fans were surprised when Lynch won the title from Charlotte so quickly after Summerslam. However, WWE officials have made it clear they will be booking The Lass Kicker as the heel, so the title change made sense.

At WWE Super Show-Down, the SmackDown Women’s Title Match ended in a DQ finish after Becky struck Charlotte with the championship to avoid a submission. Obviously, it was a logical way to continue their feud. However, it’s being reported by the Wrestling Observer Radio that the angle in Australia was designed to set up a rematch this week.

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Their rematch on SmackDown Live will be for the championship and Becky Lynch can’t be counted out, or else she loses the title. It’s unlikely WWE officials are going to have a second title change until WWE Evolution at the earliest. In order to keep heat on Lynch, she’s likely to find a way out of this week’s match. Most likely, it may be a count out loss.

The Lass Kicker’s new attitude has made her entire character a lot more aggressive:

Becky Lynch declares "I own Charlotte Flair": WWE Exclusive, Oct. 6, 2018

With Becky Lynch acting as the official heel in the rivalry, the storyline has been set up for Charlotte to end it with a title victory. That would counteract the entire purpose of Becky winning the championship. WWE officials could let Becky win the rivalry with Charlotte, but a double turn would be a more effective ending to their feud. WWE has a tricky situation with Flair vs. Lynch. The booking needs to be handled more carefully.

Do you believe WWE officials have made a mistake booking Becky Lynch as the heel?


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