But what about #38? We’re less than ten days away from SmackDown Live 1000, a celebration of the nineteen years of the show’s history. A lot of people have come and gone throughout the years (and some never showed up but are there anyway), some of which with better luck than others. You can remember some of the lower level names on the list, but the interesting part is talking about the best of the best. That’s certainly what WWE wants to do.

WWE has put up a new image on its Instagram page, looking at the Five Greatest Smackdown Live Superstars Of All Time. The list includes names from back in the early days of the Brand Split, as well as some who are more from the modern era in the second split. The names are more classic than modern, though two of them are still currently active wrestlers.

Maybe some of these people made the list.

SmackDown's biggest debuts: WWE Top 10, Oct. 6, 2018

Opinion: I’m rapidly becoming convinced that these Instagram lists are merely designed to make fans talk about how out there they are. I mean, no John Cena? Or Batista? Rock, Undertaker and Edge are one thing and you could make a case for Guerrero, but Styles? He hasn’t even been in WWE four years yet and a lot of that time was spent on Monday Night Raw. He’s been great, but that’s a bit much, especially over someone like Edge.

Which of these should be #1? Who did WWE leave off of the list? Let us know in the comments below.


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