I knew he was the smart one for a reason. Late last year, New Day lost the Raw Tag Team Titles to end their record long run at nearly 500 days. With little left to do in the tag division, the question became “what do they do now?” Well now we have a bit more insight into that as Xavier Woods has spoke with RauteMusik for a new interview.

One of the topics discussed in the interview was who Woods would like to see as a World Champion someday:

“The last thing that I really want to do is make sure that Kofi becomes heavyweight champion because I think he deserves it more than anybody in the locker room. He’s an amazing talent, he’s great on the microphone, and he has shown that he can be successful over the past decade that he [has] been there. And so, I want to make sure that he becomes champion because I think he deserves it more than anybody.”

I can’t say I disagree here as Kingston is someone who could get at least a short title run to validate all of his time and midcard success so far. With two World Titles to be won, there’s a good chance that Kingston could get a run later on. I’d love to see Woods and Big E. help Kingston get a World Title, just for Big E.’s dancing celebration alone.

You can see the rest of the interview here:


Do you think Kingston has a chance to be a World Champion? If he wins it, should the rest of New Day help him? Let us know in the comments below.


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