Unified GFW Champion Sienna took to her Twitter account yesterday to rant about reactions to contracts and pay for wrestlers.

Sienna is definitely one of the most outspoken and interesting Knockouts on the GFW roster, as evidenced by the way she portrays herself in this interview with Josh Matthews. She speaks about training, what she likes to watch and do and what movie she’d recommend to the audience. We definitely recommend checking this out before continuing.

Sienna Goes Around The Ring w/ Josh Mathews | August 9th, 2017

Sienna released a series of tweets about and responding to comments on contracts and pay in wrestling and in particular GFW. She began by explaining that despite what people say about the pay or contracts, she earns enough to treat herself.


A fan would then respond to Sienna referencing the reported 10% cut all talent has taken from them from other bookings. Her ‘Sienna the Savage’ Twitter name couldn’t be more accurate.



This follows the release of Brandi Rhodes, who had explained GFW wanted a cut of her money for working other roles. It has been reported for months by multiple sources that talent had to give a percentage of what they received back to the company. Sienna may have a different contract, though.

The same fan would continue the conversation with Sienna by explaining that they didn’t mean to make her mad. Rather, they were trying to talk about what the terms of her contract was. This would cause Sienna to blast the fan for wanting to talk about private matters instead of actually caring about the wrestling.


Another fan would congratulate her on ‘burning’ a WWE smark. Sienna would respond explaining that a smark isn’t even a thing because one can’t be both smart and a mark.


Finally, Sienna would release a final tweet explaining she has added two days to an upcoming vacation. She is referencing that despite what people may say, she is continuing to earn money. It appears that she is saying additionally that the more relevant she is, the more money she earns.


Editor’s Note:

That was savage. I always believed the 10% cut thing was for everyone. Guess not!

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