The first big step. As you have probably heard a few dozen times by now, SmackDown Live will be moving from its current home on the USA Network over to FOX on October 4. The move is one of the biggest things WWE has ever been able to do and it will be a game changer for the company. With the move comes some major promotion and it has officially started.

The first commercial for SmackDown Live on FOX has aired, with the ad running on FOX on Sunday night. The commercial features both Monday Night Raw and SmackDown Live and talks about how the biggest stars of WWE will be appearing on the show. There was no mention of the show being the 20th Anniversary of SmackDown Live and the ad was something that could air for any show. However, no specific date is given for the show, with the ad merely saying that the show is coming “this October”.

It’s the first of many. Check out the first ad for SmacKDown Live on FOX:

Opinion: This isn’t the most detailed ad in the world but it’s something that shows that this is really happening. The idea of getting on a huge network like FOX is just fascinating and something that WWE has been trying to do for a long time now. Just getting this kind of attention is incredible and even if it doesn’t go well, they had to get there in the first place, which is quite the accomplishment.

How are you expecting SmackDown Live on FOX to go? How well will the first show go? Let us know in the comments below.

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