• Next Week’s SmackDown Not Airing On FOX

    It comes with the territory. Last year, WWE moved SmackDown over to FOX in the biggest move their television shows have ever seen. Suddenly SmackDown was available on broadcast television...

    NewsOctober 17, 2020
  • Reason Why SmackDown Is Receiving Most Of WWE’s Angles

    NewsOctober 17, 2020
  • FOX Running SmackDown Special This Coming Sunday

    They seem impressed. This week marks the one year anniversary of SmackDown moving over to FOX. The move marked one of the biggest upgrades that WWE has ever made as...

    NewsOctober 8, 2020
  • WWE SmackDown Not Airing On FOX Later This Month

    Mark your calendars. Just under a year ago, SmackDown officially moved to FOX on Friday nights. This is one of the biggest moves that the company has ever seen as...

    NewsOctober 1, 2020
  • SmackDown Gets Some Great News This Week

    I’d call it a hit. WWE television has not been at its strongest in recent months and that is not the biggest surprise. After several months of not so great...

    NewsSeptember 12, 2020
  • WWE And Fox Interested In Former UFC Champion

    He has the background. There are a lot of other sport whose stars come into wrestling later on. For years the main sport to have athletes jump over to wrestling...

    NewsAugust 18, 2020
  • FOX Airing Summerslam Special To Hype 2020 Edition

    NewsAugust 11, 2020
  • FOX Unhappy With WWE Over SmackDown Segment

    You go too far. There are all kinds of things that you see on any given WWE show. Since it is a wrestling show, there is a mixture of action,...

    NewsJune 20, 2020
  • RUMOR: WWE And TV Networks At Odds Over New Rule

    We’re doing this again. Currently, WWE’s two major television shows have their own unique rosters. That can make for some problematic situations as the wrestlers are going to be able...

    NewsMay 15, 2020
  • Update On SmackDown’s Future On FOX

    The future is more clear. One of the biggest stories of the last few years as well as in WWE history took off last year when SmackDown moves to FOX....

    NewsMay 11, 2020