Take it outside. The wrestling world is a strange place as, in theory at least, so many things take place inside the arena and nowhere else. It is very rare to see wrestlers go outside the arena and see what happens when they interact elsewhere. These segments do take place but they can make for some hit or miss circumstances. Now we are seeing another one and it was quite the scene.

Over the last month and a half, Bobby Lashley and MVP have turned into one of the best combinations that WWE has introduced in a good while. MVP has been showing off his incredible talking skills and Lashley is still a monster, making it a great mixture of two talented people. Those two were involved in a situation over the weekend and it made both of them look even better.

This is a different way to do things. Check out what MVP and Lashley did outside of the arena:

MVP has posted a video to his Instagram showing himself and Lashley at Miller’s Ale House in Orlando, Florida. While at the restaurant, a man in a face mask bumps into the two of them and asks what their problem is. Lashley backs the man into a wall and MVP asks if the man has a problem, to which he says no. MVP and Lashley let him go and walk into the restaurant with no further incident.

Opinion: This is the kind of thing that may not seem like much but it makes for a nice little character boost. It shows that Lashley is not afraid of getting physical at a moment’s notice and also shows off MVP’s confidence with Lashley around. It’s not a game changer or anything, but it was a good little thing they threw out and keeps their names circulating until the next television show. Do more things like this.

What did you think of the video? What is next for the two of them? Let us know in the comments below.

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