Does this really surprise you? Vince McMahon is not exactly a normal person. While he is already filthy rich, like any businessman, he is always trying to make more money. This includes various business ventures outside of the wrestling world, most of which have not played out very well. One such venture is more infamous than others, and now we might be seeing it for a third time.

Back in 2001, McMahon started up a football league called the XFL. It was a legendary failure, only lasting one season and then collapsing due to a variety of reasons. Then, nearly twenty years later, McMahon tried it again and this time…it didn’t even make it through a full season, mainly due to the spread of the Coronavirus. That’s quite the mitigating circumstance, and McMahon is willing to try something else.

According to the Athletic, McMahon may be trying to buy back the XFL at a much cheaper price after declaring bankruptcy in April. This comes as XFL President Jeffrey Pollack is rumored to be trying to renew rental agreements with stadiums in St. Louis and Seattle. The idea of the plan would be to ride out the Coronavirus pandemic and start fresh without having to take as much of a financial hit as the pandemic played out. There is no word on when the league would restart, if this is indeed what McMahon is doing.

The league felt better this time around. Check out how the two versions worked:

Opinion: I’m not sure how likely this is, but would you really put it beyond McMahon? The league failed once, didn’t make it so far the second time, and now the idea is to try it again? At what point is this a cursed concept that is just not going to work? Apparently not anytime soon for McMahon if this is true, as we might be in for the entire launch all over again.

Did you like the relaunched league? Would a third try work? Let us know in the comments below.

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