Date: May 20, 2020
Location: Daily’s Place, Jacksonville, Florida
Commentators: Excalibur, Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone

It’s the go home show for Double or Nothing and that means it is time to hammer home everything that has already been set up. Hopefully that makes for a good show as you never know what you might get out of something like this. Maybe Cody can ram something at six miles an hour this time. Let’s get to it.

We open with a look at Double or Nothing’s three big matches.

The Inner Circle arrives and has a surprise for Matt Hardy.

Here’s a preview of the show.

Jon Moxley vs. 10

Non-title and Brodie Lee, carrying the title, is here with 10. Before the match, Lee tells 10 to take a knee and talks about how he puts his pants on like anyone else and can’t walk on water. He is a man rather than a god, but he has taken possession of something important. This is the new Dark Order, and they operate at a different level. Lee sends 10 to hurt Moxley for him.

Moxley wastes no time in sending 10 flying with a suplex into the corner. That means some mocking but 10 gets in a cheap shot and hits a suplex onto the apron. Back in and 10 hits his spinebuster but Moxley pops back up with the Paradigm Shift. The Gotch style piledriver and another Paradigm Shift finish 10 at 3:36.

Result: Jon Moxley b. 10 – Paradigm Shift (3:36)

Post match Moxley wraps a chair around the arm and says Lee has ten seconds to get out here or the arm is being broken. Lee pops up on screen to say he’ll see Moxley Saturday and leaves. Moxley breaks the arm.

Maxwell Jacob Friedman vs. Marko Stunt

Wardlow is here with MJF. As we get going, JR pays a quick tribute to Shad Gaspard in a nice touch. Stunt gets slammed down to start and MJF grabs the bearhug. Stunt gets suplexed and we hit the chinlock, with MJF forcing Stunt’s finger into his own nose and then mouth. Wardlow gets in a cheap shot and MJF throws him down by the hair.

Stunt fights out of a superplex attempt and hits a top rope flipping hurricanrana into the corner. A dropkick and jumping knee have MJF in trouble and he gets low bridged to the floor. MJF is sent into the steps but he blocks the suicide dive with a forearm. The shoulder breaker into the Salt of the Earth (Fujiwara armbar) finishes Stunt at 4:56.

Result: Maxwell Jacob Friedman b. Marko Stunt – Salt of the Earth (4:56)

Post match Wardlow holds Marko so MJF can make him kiss the ring. That means hitting him in the face, which draws out Luchasaurus and Jungle Boy for the late save.

We look back at Cody and Lance Archer’s brawl from last week.

Here’s Jake Roberts for his face to face discussion with Arn Anderson. Roberts talks about how it’s an honor to sit across the table from Anderson but the reality is Lance Archer is a monster. Archer is going to rip Cody’s face off and take the TNT Title. Anderson says he almost believed what Jake was saying because the two of them are what you call credible. He has known that Jake is evil for a long time now but the snake in the bag was just a distraction.

What matters is in the heart, but Jake challenges Anderson to a fight. Anderson says he’d love to but he won’t for the sake of decorum. At Double or Nothing, Mike Tyson will be at ringside to present the title but he’ll also have free reign. Is Jake going to throw the snake on Tyson? Jake talks about Archer being ready to take Tyson’s head off but he was hoping Brandi would be there to present the title. Jake: “I’d love to bump into her again.” Anderson talks about Jake doing DDP Yoga, which is a good thing because he wants Jake to be limber when he spinebusters him to the mat. Referees break it up in a hurry.

Video on Darby Allin, who pushes chips into a table and then climbs a ladder with fire above.

The Death Triangle threatens violence.

Orange Cassidy vs. Rey Fenix

Cassidy, with his hands in his pockets, grabs the leg to start and sends Fenix to the floor. Back in and Cassidy tries a bit more, including a rollup for two. Fenix stomps on the back of his head but a slingshot powerbomb is countered into a Code Red for two. That earns Cassidy a few kicks into a springboard legdrop for two more. We hit the chinlock with both of Cassidy’s arms pinned back as we take a break.

Back with Cassidy getting fired up with rapid fire shots to the chest and the Superman punch. The suicide dive connects, followed by a high crossbody. There’s a tornado DDT for two, with JR pointing out that Jake Roberts’ DDT actually beat people. A top rope DDT gives Cassidy two more and he catches Fenix on top with a headbutt. Fenix is right back with a right hand on top but the Black Fire Driver is countered into a small package for two. Cue Kip Sabian with a ladder and the distraction lets Fenix hit a low blow. The rolling cutter finishes Cassidy at 10:32.

Result: Rey Fenix b. Orange Cassidy – Rolling cutter (10:32)

Post match SCU comes out to shove Sabian off the ladder. They head outside for the big dives, with Jimmy Havoc joining in. Fenix hits a crazy springboard flip dive and might hurt himself on the landing. Colt Cabana runs in for one of his own, followed by the Best Friends coming out to toss Cassidy onto the pile for the huge crash.

Hikaru Shida/Kris Stadtlander vs. Nyla Rose/Britt Baker

Rose misses a kendo stick shot to start and it’s a brawl before the bell. We finally settle down enough to officially start with Rose hammering Stadtlander in the corner. We take a break and come back with Shida firing off the running knees, including one to Baker on the apron. Everything breaks down again and Rose is double Death Valley Drivered into Baker in the corner.

Shida adds another running knee to the back of Rose’s head for two The medics are checking on Baker’s knee as Rose counters a sunset flip by landing on Shida for two. The Beast Bomb finishes Shida at 9:53.

Result: Nyla Rose/Britt Baker b. Hikaru Shida/Kris Stadtlander – Beast Bomb (9:53)

Post match Rose busts out a table but Shida jumps up and superplexes her through it instead.

Moxley talks about how disagreements can get a lot worse in a hurry. It started with a stolen belt and now it’s a broken arm. How bad is it going to get on Saturday?

It’s time for Shawn Spears News. In a breaking story, Dustin Rhodes has retired. That’s what Cody wanted all along right? Either way, it must be a tough pill to swallow, though a few years ago, Dustin had no problem swallowing pills. Another tough pill to swallow is Spears not having a match at Double or Nothing because wins matter around here. Therefore, he’s challenging Dustin to a match at Double or Nothing.

Double or Nothing rundown.

Matt Hardy and Sammy Guevara recap the Elite/Hardy vs. Inner Circle brawls over the last two weeks.

Matt Hardy vs. Sammy Guevara

Matt takes him outside to start and sends Sammy’s hand into various things. Sammy’s head is crushed against the post but he’s able to block the Twist of Fate. The superkick to the back of the head staggers Hardy but a springboard cutter is countered into a reverse DDT. A Razor’s Edge bomb is countered into a hurricanrana to send Hardy outside, meaning it’s a corkscrew dive to take him out again.

Back with Sammy missing a standing moonsault so Matt can send him into the buckles over and over. A running clothesline sets up the Side Effect for two and Matt sends him outside. Another Twist of Fate is countered back inside and Sammy kicks him in the face. The shooting star press misses and the Twist of Fate connects for two, with Matt not believing the kickout.

Matt takes off the boot and bites the toe (JR: “The metatarsal has been munched on!”) so Sammy gets in a jumping knee to the face. A springboard cutter gives Sammy two but another shooting star hits knees. Another Twist of Fate is enough to give Matt the pin at 13:18.

Result: Matt Hardy b. Sammy Guevara – Twist of Fate (13:18)

Post match Matt grabs a chair but we cut to the stadium where the Inner Circle has Kenny Omega against the goal post. Matt goes running off for the save but here are the Young Bucks to dive in for the save. Matt comes in to help and Hangman Page sprints down the field for the real save. The Inner Circle bails and Page walks off on his own now that the fight is over.

Jon Moxley b. 10 – Paradigm Shift
Maxwell Jacob Friedman b. Marko Stunt – Salt of the Earth
Rey Fenix b. Orange Cassidy – Rolling cutter
Nyla Rose/Britt Baker b. Hikaru Shida/Kris Stadtlander – Beast Bomb to Shida
Matt Hardy b. Sammy Guevara – Twist of Fate

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