Remember him? There have been a lot of wrestlers to come through the WWE doors over the years. Some of those wrestlers went on to become legends while others just are not that well remembered. Every now and then you find a wrestler who is more infamous than famous, which may not be the worst thing. One of those wrestlers is trying to make an improbably return to WWE.

One of the most important things you can have in wrestling is the right gimmick. Without a character that makes some kind of an impact, it can be rather difficult to find traction in wrestling. There have been some incredibly memorable ones over the years, some of which are memorable for a few different reasons. You might remember this one in particular, though that might not be the best thing.

I’m not sure if this is going to work. Check out a former wrestler’s pitch to WWE:

Former WWE star the Boogeyman has posted a video to Twitter featuring him jumping rope. The caption says “GIVE ME THE BALL VINCE” and refers to himself as a WWE Legend. Boogeyman, 56, has not wrestled regularly for WWE since 2009, with his only match for the company in the last twelve years being a surprise appearance in the 2015 Royal Rumble, where he lasted less than a minute.

He certainly left an impact. Check out Boogeyman’s time in WWE:

The Boogeyman’s most chilling moments: WWE Playlist

The Boogeyman's 5 creepiest moments

Boogeyman scares WWE employees for Halloween

Opinion: I’m not sure I can imagine Boogeyman getting back into WWE, but it can be fun to see a flashback like this. Boogeyman was never the biggest star but he got your attention, which is more than a lot of wrestlers have been able to say over the years. This isn’t likely to get him very far, but it is impressive to see what kind of shape he is in at his age.

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