That’s what you call star power. A lot of things changed in the wrestling world over the last year and some of the stories were a lot bigger than others. Perhaps the biggest of them all though was SmackDown moving over to FOX every Friday night. The move is one of the most important that WWE has ever seen before and it opens several doors along with it. We saw one of those on Sunday.

In case you somehow missed it, this weekend included Super Bowl LIV from Miami, which was of course the biggest television event of the year. There are going to be over a hundred million people watching the game at minimum and that opens the door for a lot of advertising potential. As it turns out, WWE has a special entrance to the Super Bowl advertising world since the game is on FOX. They took advantage of that early on.

WWE was featured during the Super Bowl pre-game show, with Roman Reigns and Sasha Banks being featured in a Pizza Hut ad, also starring various members of the NFL on FOX. The ad features the two of them in a control room with the NFL analysts, including Banks making her WWE entrance to her theme music. Everyone celebrates while eating pizza to end the ad.

It was a cool moment. Check out this year’s ad, plus another you may have seen:

Opinion: This is the kind of thing that WWE needs more than anything else. How many people have not watched wrestling in a long time and might not have known that it was on FOX? If this can bring in some extra eyes to the product, it is certainly a good thing. At this point, it’s not like they can do much worse in the audience so adding anything is a major plus.

Did you like the ad? How have you liked SmackDown on FOX? Let us know in the comments below.

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