205 Live
Date: January 31, 2020
Location: BOK Center, Tulsa, Oklahoma
Commentators: Joe Quasto, Aiden English

Things have changed a bit since last week as Jordan Devlin won the NXT Cruiserweight Title at last weekend’s Worlds Collide special. That doesn’t exactly bode well for 205 Live, as the champion is already splitting time with NXT and now they’re going to have to split time with another show. But at least we have Ariya Daivari and Brian Kendrick. Let’s get to it.

We open with a look at Devlin winning the title.

Opening sequence.

The announcers talk about the title change as the ring is cleaned up after the dog food incident that ended Smackdown.

We look back at Brian Kendrick and Ariya Daivari joining forces.

Joaquin Wilde vs. Raul Mendoza

They go to the mat to start with Wilde tying up the legs before flipping over to crank on both arms. That’s reversed into a headlock from Mendoza but Wilde headscissors his way out. A few very fast covers get one or less each and Wilde nips up to a standoff. Wilde elbows him to the floor but Mendoza is right back in with a dropkick to cut him down. Mendoza’s shoulder gets two and we’re off to the cobra clutch.

Back up and Wilde hiptosses him to the floor, setting up the big running flip dive. Unfortunately you can hear him shout because the fans are so quiet at the moment, which is as bad as you can get. A backbreaker gives Mendoza two but Wilde is right back with a reverse hurricanrana. Mendoza gets caught with a rolling Codebreaker and the Wilde Thing is good for the pin at 6:26.

Result: Joaquin Wilde b. Raul Mendoza – Wilde Thing (6:26)

One of the new guys:

Respect is shown post match.

Brian Kendrick vs. Danny Burch

Daivari is here with Kendrick. Burch chases Daivari off the apron before the bell and Kendrick bails to follow him right after the bell rings. The stalling continues and Daivari’s distraction fails, allowing Burch to hit Kendrick in the face. Burch sends Kendrick into the steps and it’s time to stall some more. This time it’s a fake out though as Kendrick sends Burch over the announcers’ table.

Burch comes up but is favoring his knee, meaning it’s time for Kendrick to hammer away. What looked to be a Figure Four attempt is broken up so Kendrick kicks at the leg again. Daivari’s interference fails again and Burch uses the good leg to kick him in the head. The missile dropkick connects but bangs up the knee some more. With the leg not an option, Burch headbutts him into a Crossface, drawing in Daivari for the DQ at 7:07.

Result: Danny Burch b. Brian Kendrick via DQ when Ariya Daivari interfered (7:07)

Post match the beatdown is on, including a chair to the knee, but Oney Lorcan runs in for the save with a chair of his own.

Devlin is here next week.

Tyler Breeze vs. Angel Garza

English isn’t sure which one is more handsome. Garza, with his shoulder bandaged, holds Breeze in place off a headlock until Breeze shoulders him down and lays on the top rope. Garza doesn’t think much of that so he….runs around a bit and tries to TAKE OFF HIS PANTS, only to get kicked in the face. This time it’s Breeze chilling on the floor so they switch places, followed by Garza pulling him back outside for a hard crash.

Back in and we hit the bow and arrow hold but Breeze is back up in a hurry, only to get sent into the corner. That’s enough for Garza to TAKE OFF HIS PANTS (to almost no reaction), followed by a kick to the ribs for two. Something like a seated abdominal stretch has Breeze in more trouble until he comes back up with some forearms to the head.

Breeze superkicks him out of the air for two but a knee to the face gives Garza the same. A slingshot reverse suplex gets two more but Breeze rolls away before the moonsault can launch. Garza tries a Lionsault instead and hits raised boots. That doesn’t seem to matter very much though as it’s the Wing Clipper to finish Breeze at 11:44.

Result: Angel Garza b. Tyler Breeze – Wing Clipper (11:44)

The battle of the handsome ones:

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