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Fusion #94
Date: January 25, 2020
Location: NYTEX Sports Center, Dallas, Texas
Commentators: AJ Kirsch, Rich Bocchini

It’s barbed wire night and that means it can only be two people involved. Yes somehow we’re getting another violent match between Mance Warner and Jimmy Havoc, two guys who I liked at one point and now never want to see again. Maybe this can wrap it up and we can move on to ANYTHING else, but for some reason I have my doubts. Let’s get to it.

AJ Kirsch is in the ring to welcome us to the show but here’s Contra to cut him off. During their entrance, we see a still photo of the team attacking Davey Boy Smith Jr. at an NHL event over the weekend. Josef Samael goes big by referencing the Kennedy assassination by saying the MLW Camelot falls here as well. The Hart Foundation has a history of tragedy and we hear about Contra throwing a fireball at Teddy Hart back in November. Cue Davey Boy Smith Jr. down the aisle and Brian Pillman Jr. (in disguise, through the crowd) to clear the ring.

Opening sequence.

Here’s everything you just saw.

Quick preview of the rest of the show.

Earlier today, Konnan was talking about how AAA is coming to MLW but before he can answer a question about Gino Medina, Injustice interrupted him with their usual insults. Konnan isn’t impressed and wants some more respect so Oliver swears a lot. Konnan hopes Oliver is never in prison because he would get traded for some Cinnabons.

Injustice vs. Drago/Puma King vs. Taurus/Low Rider

Fallout from said backstage segment and it’s Kotto Brazil/Jordan Oliver for Injustice. As a bonus, next week it’s Drago vs. Myron Reed for the Middleweight Title. They actually go a full eight seconds with the formality of having people on the apron before everything goes nuts. Low Rider hits a springboard double armdrag on Drago and King and that’s about as good as I can do with the play by play in something like this. Rider kicks King in the face and adds a springboard flip dive onto Injustice, leaving Taurus to clean house inside.

Taurus powerslams Drago into King in the corner and then spears King in half. Injustice comes back in for the save and it’s Rider being sent hard into the corner, setting up an assisted sitout powerbomb to give Brazil two. A double belly to back suplex doesn’t work so King tags Rider on the back to come in and plant Brazil. King powerbombs Jordan and it’s a Backstabber into a dropkick to make it worse. It’s Taurus back in to clean house again until King launches Drago into a hurricanrana.

Cue Myron Reed for a distraction to cut Drago off, allowing King to DDT Taurus for two. Now it’s Injustice getting to clean house, including a suicide Stunner from Oliver to King. Rider is back up with a springboard Codebreaker to Brazil, with Taurus blasting him with a clothesline to make it worse. A powerbomb/Backstabber combination destroys Oliver and Taurus plants Brazil on the apron. Drago catapults Rider into a cutter from King, who then flip dives onto Taurus. The Dragon’s Tail (spinning, twisting rollup) pins Rider at 7:30.

Result: Drago/Puma King b. Taurus/Low Rider and Injustice – Dragon’s Tail to Rider (7:30)

Video on Mance Warner vs. Jimmy Havoc with Mance recapping everything and wanting to destroy Havoc once and for all.

Fightland is coming.

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We look back at Davey Boy Smith Jr. winning the Opera Cup.

Smith is proud of his win and hopes Stu Hart is proud of him. This is the first of many accomplishments for him and he’s coming for the World Title.

Contra’s Josef Samael saw fear in Smith’s eyes earlier when he looked at Simon Gotch. Therefore, how about Smith vs. Gotch in a no ropes match where you only win by submission or knockout?

Chandler Hopkins vs. Low Ki

Hopkins is a country boy who has wrestled in AAA. They stare at each other for a bit to start until Ki cranks on the arm for a bit. That’s broken up and Hopkins works on a hammerlock of his own, only to have Ki pull him into the corner for a hard kick to the chest. A chop and headbutt in the corner put Hopkins in the corner for some pain. Ki shoves off the running hurricanrana attempt but Hopkins pops back up and hits a hurricanrana driver. Hopkins’ rolling Downward Spiral gets two but he misses a shooting star. Ki dropkicks him into the corner and sits on Hopkins’ back for a choke with his boot for the win at 5:47.

Result: Low Ki b. Chandler Hopkins – Choke with a boot (5:47)

Low Ki shows some post match respect.

Smith accepts Gotch’s challenge.

Tom Lawlor brags about new student Dominic Garrini and talks about how he’ll be hurting people. Garrini points out that he’s been here before but ignore everything he has done before because everything is new. Oh and Lawlor has brought a sponsor back: Condom Depot.

Erick Stevens is still coming.

The Fightland Control Center announces Alexander Hammerstone defending the National Openweight Title against T-Hawk, Killer Kross vs. Tom Lawlor and Low Ki vs. King Mo.

We look back at the Von Erichs winning the Tag Team Titles from the Dynasty at Saturday Night SuperFight.

Maxwell Jacob Friedman is impressed by Marshall Von Erich’s lineage but Marshall isn’t all elite. Oh and Mance Warner is an inbred who needs to watch his match next week.

We look at the first barbed wire match in MLW history, back in 2003 between Terry Funk and Steve Corino.

Jimmy Havoc and Priscilla Kelly aren’t scared of the barbed wire match because Jimmy loves hurting people. He enjoys blood and wouldn’t mind drinking Mance’s.

The Von Erichs crush apples to show what is happening to MJF next week.

Parental guidance is suggested for the following..

Mance Warner vs. Jimmy Havoc

The ropes have been replaced by barbed wire and Jimmy has Priscilla Kelly. Rich calls this the final encounter. Even the announcers have gloves on in case the wires break. Havoc has his baseball bat and Warner has the chair but both weapons shots miss. They pause before hitting the wire though and it’s already time to tease the wire to the head.

Havoc discus punches Warner but gets sent into the wire anyway. A few whips into said wire make it worse and Warner grabs the chair again. Warner hits him in the back but Havoc is right back with a suplex into the wire. Havoc drives it into Warner’s head before downgrading things a bit with a staple gun shot to the head. Warner’s shirt is ripped off and then stapled to his back, only for Havoc to rip it right back off.

To mix things up a bit, Havoc busts out some bolt cutters and cuts off a piece of the wire. The already bleeding Warner gets the wire wrapped inside of his mouth to draw even more blood. Havoc hits him in the head with the barbed wire bat and there’s a stomp to make it worse. Warner tries to fight back but gets flipped off. That’s fine with Warner, who hits him low with the bat. Havoc grabs the staple gun to stab Warner between the legs (both commentators: “Right in his bucksnorts!”).

Not that it matters again as Warner spinebusters him on the side of a chair (egads) and brings in some extra boards. That takes too long though as Havoc Death Valley Drivers him through a board for two. Warner chokeslams him through a board bridged between two chairs for two more. The wire around the arm looks to set up a lariat but Kelly gives Havoc powder. It goes into Havoc’s eyes of course though and the barbed wire lariat….doesn’t even get a cover. Instead, Warner piledrives him onto a bunch of stuff for the pin at 10:37.

Result: Mance Warner b. Jimmy Havoc – Piledriver onto a chair (10:37)

Drago/Puma King b. Taurus/Low Rider and Injustice – Dragon’s Tail to Rider
Low Ki b. Chandler Hopkins – Seated choke with boot
Mance Warner b. Jimmy Havoc – Piledriver onto a chair

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