That makes things bigger. Recently, steroid dealer Richard Rodriguez claimed that he had sold steroids to Roman Reigns. While there is no proof of what Rodriguez is alleging and Reigns has denied all accusations, Rodriguez’s friend Joe Bravo is back with a new round of statements, many of which has to do with WWE.

Bravo was recently interviewed by HannibalTV and discussed the Rodriguez situation, including how he and Rodriguez met, a response to fans who say Rodriguez is targeting Reigns, other WWE names possibly being involved, and a documentary on the whole situation. Here are some highlights, courtesy of

On How Bravo and Rodriguez Met

He said that Rodriguez contacted him after seeing a documentary that Bravo made regarding police busting his company. He asked Bravo to work on a documentary with him. He didn’t fully trust Bravo at first, so the information that he would provide would come slowly. They are now great friends and Bravo is the only person that Rodriguez now trusts. Rodriguez’s laptop was released in a court hearing. Bravo said that he legally can’t say who the laptop was released to, but obviously it wasn’t to Rodriguez. Bravo has Rodriguez’s laptop, which hasn’t been touched by Rodriguez since he was sent to prison. The laptop contains all the orders and text messages that no one has touched until he got it last week.

On Rodriguez Targeting Reigns

In response to people saying that he’s targeting Roman Reigns, he said that he has not watched wrestling since WWE was the WWF. He said that the only reason that he’s doing a specific videos on Reigns, Josh Duhamel and Mark Wahlberg is because they denied knowing Rodriguez and WFN. He said that Reigns’ case was interesting in the way that he placed the orders, which will be revealed in the video that he’ll be releasing in the next few days.

And on Further WWE Connections with the Case

Bravo is not questioning WWE’s drug testing policy because he believes that Reigns was suspended from the orders placed with Rodriguez. They do not plan to release the names of the 15 wrestlers who had placed orders through WFN. Rodriguez only disclosed Reigns, Wahlberg and Duhamel because their names were mentioned in the court discovery process, so it’s likely that the DEA spoke to those individuals.

You can see the full interview here.

Jon Bravo on Roman Reigns Implications in Steroid Ring

Opinion: I have no idea if there’s any truth to all of these allegations and there’s a good chance that this is all for the sake of publicity for the new documentary. However, if this is the case, and that many wrestlers have purchased steroids, WWE could be in for some trouble. Imagine that many names being gone for a month, assuming it’s not a second violation for some. I’m not buying the story until something else comes out of it, but my goodness this could be huge.

Do you believe Rodriguez’s story? What will happen to Reigns from all of this? Let us know in the comments below.


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