Date: July 21, 2023
Location: Amway Arena, Orlando, Florida
Commentators: Michael Cole, Wade Barrett

We are just over two weeks away from Summerslam and this week has a pretty major development. The big story of the week will be the announcement of the rules of engagement between Roman Reigns and Jey Uso. Other than that, we get a step closer to a #1 contender to the US Title. Let’s get to it.

We open with a long recap of the recent Bloodline issues, which got us to tonight’s Jey Uso vs. Roman Reigns showdown.

Rey Mysterio vs. Cameron Grimes vs. LA Knight vs. Sheamus

The winner gets to face Santos Escobar next week for the US Title shot at Summerslam, meaning Summerslam is at ringside. Knight has a mic on the way to the ring and promises to win the match to go to Summerslam. It’s a brawl to start with the four of them pairing off. Knight elbows Sheamus down and the fans are very pleased as we take a break.

Back with Knight and Grimes being sent outside, leaving us with Sheamus vs. Rey in the ring. Rey and Sheamus actually hit the stereo forearms to the other twos’ chests but Sheamus isn’t having that much gimmick infringement. Instead it’s a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker to Rey but Grimes comes back in to kick away at them. Knight’s comeback is cut off with an enziguri and Grimes faceplants Mysterio for two. Back up and Knight crotches Rey on top but the other two come over to make it a Tower Of Doom.

We take a break and come back with Rey hurricanranaing Grimes at Theory at ringside but only hitting the chair. Sheamus sends Grimes and Rey into the barricade but Knight counters the Brogue Kick into a slam. Blunt Force Trauma is broken up so Knight settles for his reverse AA for two, with Rey making the save.

Rey goes up top but Grimes catches him, only to have Rey hit a top rope hurricanrana on Sheamus and Grimes at the same time. Theory breaks up the cover by sending Rey into the steps so here is Santos Escobar to fight Theory into the crowd. We hit the parade of finishes until Rey snaps off a hurricanrana to finish Grimes at 18:36.

Result: Rey Mysterio b. Cameron Grimes, LA Knight and Sheamus – Hurricarnaa to Grimes (18:36)

Post match Rey and Escobar have a respectful standoff.

The Cavinder Twins, NXT rookies, are here.

Jey Uso is walking through the back and runs into NXT’s Tony D, Stacks and the Creeds, all of whom are or were NXT stars.

Austin Theory wants Santos Escobar tonight, with Adam Pearce making it official. Non-title of course.

We look at Brock Lesnar taking out Cody Rhodes on Raw.

Carmelo Hayes (NXT Champion) and his friend Trick Williams are here.

NXT Women’s Champion Tiffany Stratton is here.

Charlotte vs. Iyo Sky

Bayley is with Sky and joins commentary. They trade cartwheels to start until Charlotte gets in a quick shot, setting up a high crossbody for an early two. Sky is back up and drops Charlotte as Bayley isn’t interested in talking about Shotzi last week. Charlotte knocks her to the floor but misses a dive as we take a break.

Back with Charlotte in trouble but neckbreakering her way to a double knockdown. Sky’s crossbody is countered into a fall away slam and an Honor Roll gets two. Bayley has had enough and offers a distraction, allowing Sky to hit an awesome sunset bomb. We get a rather intense video of Shotzi shaving her head last week and Bayley is scared enough to run away.

Charlotte misses the spear into the corner and the crossface goes on. With that broken up, Sky misses the missile dropkick and the spear gives Charlotte two. A German suplex connects for the same but Sky catches her on top with a super hurricanrana. They trade rollups for two each until Natural Selection finishes Sky at 13:38.

Result: Charlotte b. Iyo Sky – Natural Selection (13:38)

Post match Asuka runs in and lays out Charlotte.

Dominik Mysterio is the new NXT North American Champion. Cue Butch to say he wants a title shot and here’s Shawn Michaels to make it official.

Roman Reigns looks at the lei that symbolizes being Tribal Chief. Solo Sikoa looks at it as well and Reigns isn’t pleased.

Bayley gets to her locker room and finds a photo of herself stabbed to her bag with a pair of scissors. They’re out fast.

Santos Escobar vs. Austin Theory

Non-title. Theory knocks him down for an early two but Escobar is right back with a running headscissors. A rollup gives Escobar two but Theory slips away from what looked like Colt Cabana’s Billy Goat’s Curse. Theory bails from the threat of a dive and we take a break. Back with Theory getting two off a backbreaker but not being able to drop Escobar on the apron.

Instead Escobar knocks him outside for a suicide dive. Some running forearms drop Theory again back inside and a high crossbody gives Escobar two. Theory gets in a left hand and a fisherman’s buster gets two. A-Town Down is blocked so they both go to the top, where Escobar snaps off a heck of a super hurricanrana. The Phantom Driver finishes Theory at 10:43.

Result: Santo Escobar b. Austin Theory – Phantom Driver (10:43)

Bobby Lashley meets with Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams.

NXT North American Title: Dominik Mysterio vs. Butch

Mysterio, with Rhea Ripley, is defending. Butch doesn’t waste time in hitting a dropkick and cranking on the fingers. The arm stomp sets up an armbar but Dominik is right in the ropes. Ripley slips Dominik a chain but here is Ridge Holland to pull it away. Butch grabs a quick X Plex and we take a break.

Back with Dominik hitting the slingshot hilo for two and we hit the chinlock. Cue Pretty Deadly, with Elton Prince in a wheelchair due to his separated shoulder. Butch fights up and hits Dominik in the face, earning commentary some yelling from Ripley. The kick to the head gives Butch two as Pretty Deadly and Holland get into it on the floor. The three of them go running off but Rhea chop blocks Butch, allowing Dominik to get in a posting to retain at 7:54.

Result: Dominik Mysterio b. Butch – Ram into the post (7:54)

Here is Jey Uso, followed by the Bloodline, to decide the rules of his match with Roman Reigns (in the form of a contract signing). They both sit down at the table and Reigns asks if Jey still wants to do this. Jey says that Jimmy is in the hospital so Jey has to get him. Reigns says that Jey isn’t getting him because he doesn’t get it. He’s just a soldier and a pawn in the game.

Reigns calmly signs the contract but Jey rips up the contract. Jey says they don’t need the contract because it’s in their blood. This is officially Tribal Combat, which has Reigns and Sikoa looking a bit more serious. Reigns: “Do the elders know about this?” Jey: “It was their idea Uce.”

Tribal Combat means anything goes, with Jey listing off everything that can happen. Reigns puts the title down and puts the lei on top of it, suggesting that it’s for the title and the spot as Tribal Chief. Sikoa loads up the Spike on Jey but Reigns blocks it and Sikoa gets superkicked. Reigns isn’t sure what to make of this and leaves to end the show.

Rey Mysterio b. LA Knight, Sheamus and Cameron Grimes – Standing hurricanrana to Grimes
Charlotte b. Iyo Sky – Natural Selection
Santos Escobar b. Austin Theory – Phantom Driver
Dominik Mysterio b. Butch – Ram into the post

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