He still runs the place. Vince McMahon may be getting up there in years but that doesn’t mean he is giving up the reins of WWE. McMahon is not exactly someone know for ceding power to anyone and that is the kind of boss that can cause some issues. Given McMahon’s tendency to change his mind at any given point, this can lead to some rapid fire changes, which was the case this week.

Monday Night Raw has been on the air for a very long time. Last month saw the show celebrate twenty seven years on the air and there is no indication that the show is going to be slowing down. Every week means three more hours of the show and that can cause a few headaches here and there. This week’s Monday Night Raw included a last minute change at McMahon’s orders.

According to Fightful Select by way of Ringsidenews.com, McMahon changed the scheduled Matt Hardy vs. Randy Orton match to a segment. Hardy and Orton had been scheduled to compete in a street fight but the two argued, leading into Orton attacking Hardy with a chair. There is no word on why McMahon made the change, but the match was still listed on the WWE.com preview until less than an hour before the show started.

It was a heck of a beating. Check out the beatdown and the fallout:

Opinion: Does anyone else find this surprising? McMahon is known for his last minute changes and this doesn’t seem to be anything out of the ordinary. I liked the segment better than any match they were likely to have so it seems to be the right idea. I’m not sure why they needed to wait so long to change things up, but at least they got to the right conclusion.

Did you like the segment? Would you have preferred a match? Let us know in the comments below.

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