Tick tock. If there is one thing that WWE isn’t lacking, it is content. Between just the main shows of Monday Night Raw, NXT and SmackDown, there are seven hours of content a week, or one hour a day. When you add in their other programming, things get even further out of hand. Then there are pay per view weeks, but they might not be so bad in the near future.

Pay per views have been a little bit different in recent years. These days, it is rare for a pay per view to run less than three and a half hours, which isn’t even counting the Kickoff Show. That’s a lot of time to spend watching a pay per view and at times, it gets ridiculous. There is little reason to have a lower level pay per view going on until 11:30pm Eastern time when you don’t have to, and WWE might have learned that to be the true.

According to Wrestlingnews.com, the decision to have this year’s Money In The Bank end earlier than usual came from Vince McMahon himself. This will be the new normal with pay per views until there are fans in the arenas again. Money In The Bank ended just before 9:30pm Eastern time, making it the shortest full roster/non location exclusive pay per view in over twenty years.

It was a tightly packed show. Check out the highlights from this year’s event:

Opinion: I could go for something like this as there is no reason to have the shows go longer for the sake of going longer. It was nice to have things wrapped up in a hurry for once as pay per views have a bad tendency to last a lot longer than they really need to. Don’t cram in material for the sake of cramming in material and let the fans feel like they want more instead of wondering when it is going to be over.

How long should a pay per view be? Did you like this weekend’s show? Let us know in the comments below.

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