Ring of Honor
Date: October 23, 2019
Location: Sam’s Town Hotel & Gaming Hall, Las Vegas, Nevada
Commentators: Caprice Coleman, Ian Riccaboni
Hosts: Ian Riccaboni, Quinn McKay

We’re still in the post Death Before Dishonor era with matches from the official Fallout event. I’m not sure what to expect this week and that has been the case since the show changed formats. They could be worth watching if the matches are good but if they aren’t up to par, these can be terrible hours of TV. Let’s get to it.

Opening sequence.

We open with a video on Flip Gordon attacking Tracy Williams over and over during the summer.

We recap Shane Taylor not being happy with Ring of Honor and having his contract bought out. He is still TV Champion though and wants to use it as leverage in negotiations. After being locked out of the negotiating room (literally), Shane held a quick press conference saying he wants new competition. Management came up and said they would figure something out.

House show ads.

We look at Dalton Castle bragging about his mimosa but Joe Hendry isn’t impressed. Hendry debuted a new song about how he was the leader of their team and various peacock jokes. Then he beat up the new Boys just because.

Joe Hendry vs. Dom Kubrick

Hendry signs some autographs around ringside, which isn’t something you see to often. Kubrick gets taken down with ease to start but the threat of an ankle lock sends him bailing to the ropes. Back up and Hendry gets two off a jumping knee to the face but he heads outside for a breather.

Kubrick tries a dive, only to hit mat as Hendry steps to the side for another autographed (ripped up by a rather rude fan). Back in and Kubrick grabs a spinning butterfly suplex for two, followed by a guillotine choke on the mat. That doesn’t last long so it’s a double underhook facebuster into a clothesline. The fall away slam sets up the Hendry (ankle) lock to make Kubrick tap at 5:32.

Result: Joe Hendry b. Dom Kubrick – Hendry Lock (5:32)

Jenny Rose wants the Women of Honor Title from Angelina Love. The word HONOR or some variation is thrown around a lot.

Video on Kenny King vs. Rhett Titus. After Titus lost again, King came in and asked where the fire was. Titus said at least he didn’t get knocked out by a cameraman (which happened when King ran into a camera recently).

Jeff Cobb is excited to get his World Title shot in the UK.

Matt Taven, with the Kingdom, talked about wanting to come here because the innovators are here. Then he won everything there is to win and now….he’s staying.

Mandy Leon and Angelina Love brag about Love winning the title.

The Kingdom has been attacked.

Tracy Williams vs. Flip Gordon

No DQ and Gordon jumps him on the stage with a black kendo stick. A chair gets kicked into Flip’s face though and Williams suplexes him on the floor. They get inside with Williams hitting a suplex and corner clothesline. A 619 into a slingshot hilo puts Gordon outside again for an elbow to the back of the neck. Gordon posts him though and hits a springboard tornado DDT off of the barricade to take us to a break.

Back with Gordon hitting a swinging neckbreaker onto a chair for two. Gordon stomps on the arm so Williams chairs him in the ribs. The chair gets thrown at Gordon’s head but he’s fine enough to crotch Williams on top. A springboard kick to the head connects but Williams is right back with a top rope DDT onto the open chair for two.

Williams goes to a Crossface but Gordon rolls outside. Williams unloads with the kendo stick and it turns into a stick duel. Gordon goes low and hits something like the Eye of the Hurricane onto the ramp. Back from a break with the table being set up in the ring but Williams sends Gordon outside to block a superplex attempt. Williams pulls him back in and hits a super piledriver through the table for the pin at 16:42.

Result: Tracy Williams b. Flip Gordon – Super piledriver through a table (16:42)

Rush is ready for Jeff Cobb.

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