Ring of Honor
Date: June 24, 2020

We’re off to Bandido this time around and that is going to mean a lot of flips and dives all over the place. That sounds like an entertaining hour and these shows have done well in recent weeks. It’s a simple formula and with someone who can do the kind of things Bandido is capable of in the ring, we should be in for a good one. Let’s get to it.

Opening sequence.

Bandido welcomes us to the show and sends us to his first match, which was his debut with the company.

From ROH TV, February 6, 2019.

Mark Haskins vs. Bandido

Feeling out process to start with the aggressive Haskins grabbing a headlock but getting shoved up against the ropes. Bandido starts the flipping and it’s an early standoff. More flipping ensues but Haskins kicks him down and avoids a charge to the floor. That means a suicide dive to drop Bandido and we take a break.

Back with Haskins charging into a boot in the corner, setting up Bandido’s corkscrew crossbody. The big running flip dive takes Haskins down again and, amazingly enough, the fans are way into someone who can fly like this. Bandido gets two off a pop up cutter but gets kicked right back down. That just earns Haskins a superkick but they kick each other in the chest for another double knockdown, which the fans seem to appreciate.

They slug it out until Haskins charges into a torture rack, with Bandido flipping him forward into something like a GTS for two. Haskins is right back up and spins him into a Sharpshooter but Bandido is right next to the rope. A top rope double stomp gives Haskins two so Haskins goes back to the leg. That’s broken up in a hurry so Bandido knocks him against the ropes (619 position but standing instead of kneeling), flips forward and bounces off the ropes (ala the Tajiri handspring) for a snap German suplex and the pin at 12:12.

Result: Bandido b. Mark Haskins – 21 Plex (12:12)

From Masters of the Craft 2019.

Bandido vs. Caristico vs. Flip Gordon vs. PJ Black

One fall to a finish. They go with a four way test of strength to start until Caristico sends Gordon and Bandido outside. A springboard crossbody takes Black down and a running headscissors does it again. Bandido comes back in for a showdown with Caristico and the fans seem happy. They strike it out until an exchange of handspring backflips gives us a standoff.

Bandido headscissors him to the floor but Gordon comes back in before the dive can launch. Black springboards in to take them both down so Gordon is right back with a springboard dropkick to send Black outside. Caristico breaks up a handshake between Bandido and Gordon, only to get knocked outside. Bandido dives onto Black as Gordon does the same to Caristico. That leaves the divers to chop it out, miss dropkicks, and nip up to face off. The other two come back in as Bandido muscles Gordon to the top, only to have to slug it out with Caristico.

Gordon is double superplexed into a powerbomb to give Black two, followed by Black being put in the Tree of Woe. Bandido takes Gordon to the top, with Black sitting up to toss both of them down at once. We take a break and come back with a parade of flips and dives off the top for a parade of near falls. Black Gory Specials Caristico and Billy Goat’s Curses Bandido at the same time but quickly collapses under the weight.

Gordon and Black go outside with Bandido hitting a big dive, followed by Caristico hitting one of his own onto the three of them. Caristico takes a long time playing to the crowd before going to the barricade, only to be shoved into the crowd. Bandido and Black join them, as does Gordon with a crazy springboard flip dive from the ring into the stands.

That’s worthy of a big celebration and it’s Caristico heading back inside for a Destroyer on Black. Bandido is back in as well with a super fall away slam superplex on Caristico with Black and Gordon making a save. Just because he can, Bandido 21 Plexes Black and Gordon at the same time to finish Gordon at 14:42.

Result: Bandido b. Caristico, PJ Black and Flip Gordon – 21 Plex to Gordon (14:42)

Bandido is VERY fired up over his win.

Bandido is proud of pinning Bully Ray in an eight man tag.

After a break, Bandido talks about gaining momentum until he got to face Jay Briscoe in a main event. That’s where we’re going to wrap it up, at Global Wars 2019.

Jay Briscoe vs. Bandido

Mark Briscoe and Mark Haskins are at ringside. They shake hands to start and Briscoe powers him into the corner without much effort. Bandido does it right back though as the mind games begin. A running headscissors has Bandido staggered but he flips into a standoff, complete with dancing finger guns. Bandido picks up the pace with a springboard wristdrag to the floor and there’s a big flip dive for a bonus. Back in and Jay superkicks him out of the air though and we take a break.

We come back with Jay hitting a Death Valley Driver for two and taking things outside for a whip into the barricade. There’s a running boot to the face to knock Bandido silly again, followed by another whip into the barricade. A suplex drops Bandido on the floor as Mark Briscoe joins commentary. That lasts all of ten seconds until Bandido dives back in to beat the twenty count. Jay charges into some boots in the corner and that means a corkscrew moonsault to take Jay down.

We take another break and come back with Bandido slipping out of the Jay Driller. They forearm it out and trade superkicks until Bandido hits a pop up cutter for no cover. Briscoe gets in a forearm and the Jay Driller connects for two. The fans are split as Bandido fights to his feet and grabs the moonsault fall away slam. Bandido can’t hit his own Jay Driller so Jay clotheslines the heck out of him for two more. Back up and Bandido says bring it and knees him in the face. The X Knee sets up the 21 Plex to finish Jay at 21:45.

Result: Bandido b. Jay Briscoe – 21 Plex (21:45)

Some clips of Mexa Squad winning the Six Man Tag Team Titles to wrap us up.

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