Ring of Honor
Date: January 19, 2022

We’re still on the road to April and that means it’s time for another Best Of show. These things have mainly been the Best Of the last year and it would be nice to see something different showcased. That being said, we are just over two months away from the relaunch so you might not want to go too deep into the vault. Let’s get to it.

Opening sequence.

Quinn McKay…is not here this week, as we will be looking at the women’s division.

We get a video on the women’s division and what it means to everyone involved.

Maria Kanellis-Bennett is ready to interview various women in the Women’s Title tournament. She has done a little bit of everything and now she is part of the Board of Directors. After the Coronavirus pandemic hit, she wanted to build something new and that is what she is doing here.

Some of the women in the tournament are very happy that they were given their Ticket To Gold, meaning their entrance to the tournament. Being in the tournament has helped a lot of them with their confidence as they move forward. They all want to show what they can do and have been waiting for their chance.

Sumie Sakai talks about having the first women’s match in Ring of Honor history and she has stuck around since.

Mandy Leon isn’t happy with Maria leaving the company and then coming back. Now the Allure isn’t going to let her skate by.

Angelina Love doesn’t think there should be a tournament but she’ll win the title.

Danhausen previews the tournament and wants Trish Adora to win.

Maria talks about the different styles of wrestlers in the tournament.

Some of the entrants talk about how wrestling has helped their confidence and to prove themselves. The tournament has even gotten Rok-C to mend her relationship with her mother. Trish Adora wants to win the title for her mother, who has cancer.

We look at the TV taping with the announcement of the tournament and the reveal of the Women’s Title. Chelsea Green debuted as well, though she was injured and couldn’t participate.

Green talks about rising above the haters and trolls while also wanting to provide for her family. And maybe to prove all of those trolls wrong. Green: “Is that bad?”

We look at the first batch of tournament matches. It’s still weird to see these in front of an empty building.

Willow wants to change the perception of women’s wrestling and then lost in the first round.

Chelsea Green wants to face everyone in the tournament.

We look at the rest of the first round, including Quinn McKay beating Mandy Leon in a huge upset.

Maria talks about what a great win that was for McKay, as she got to prove herself.

Mike Bennett talks about how impressed he is with Maria making all of this work.

We look at the second round of the tournament.

Amy Rose has managed a lot of champions and wants to manage Max the Impaler. Then Max got disqualified against Angelina Love.

Allysin Kay is a former NWA Women’s Champion and wants to be the Ring of Honor Women’s Champion. Then Trish Adora beat her in an upset.

The semifinals saw Miranda Alize beat Trish Adora and Rok-C beat Angelina Love. Maria was proud of everyone because it is all about the team.

Then it was time for the finals, with both Alize’s and Rok-C’s families around. We get picks from various wrestlers, who seem to be split.

Rok-C won the title and she was proud.

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