• That’s An Upgrade: Top Indy Promotion Airing On WWE Network

    It’s a bigger platform. The WWE Network has been around for just under seven years and has changed the way life works for wrestling fans. One of the biggest changes...

    NewsFebruary 13, 2021
  • Join Up! Independent Wrestling Champion Signs With WWE

    NewsFebruary 13, 2021
  • VIDEO: Wrestlers Use Chairs To Help Fight Coronavirus (Amazing)

    I never thought I’d have to write this one. The Coronavirus pandemic has changed the way the world works and wrestling is no different. While WWE, AEW and a few...

    NewsDecember 30, 2020
  • WATCH: Legend’s Daughter Receives In-Ring Marriage Proposal

    It brings people together. Wrestling is unlike any form of entertainment in the world and that is a very good thing. In addition to being built around the action that...

    NewsDecember 25, 2020
  • WWE Files Files Trademark For Independent Wrestling Show

    What a strange target. While WWE dominates a lot of the wrestling world, there are other options available. Many fans prefer smaller promotions in the independent wrestling world and there...

    NewsDecember 20, 2020
  • Triple H Says WWE Is Open To Working With Other Promotions

    They might be in too? The wrestling world is pretty lopsided when you think about it. You have WWE on one end and then there is pretty much everything else...

    NewsDecember 4, 2020
  • Former Ring Of Honor/Impact Wrestling Star Loses Arm

    NewsNovember 29, 2020
  • Independent Wrestler Under Fire For Insulting Eddie Guerrero

    The wrong kind of heat. Wrestlers have a complicated job to do when they go out to the ring. Not only are they supposed to have an entertaining and captivating...

    NewsNovember 16, 2020
  • Independent Wrestling Star Appears To Have Signed With NXT

    One more on the roster. WWE is a rather powerful wrestling company which can do a lot of good things with what they have. Their status and financial resources are...

    NewsNovember 14, 2020
  • AEW’s Kenny Omega And Others Receive Prestigious Honor

    It’s quite the honor. There are all kinds of wrestling opinions out there but just like in anything else, there are some that are going to be seen as more...

    NewsNovember 14, 2020