He’s not a fan. Like any other sport or form of entertainment, wrestling has evolved over the years. There are different eras of wrestling with different kinds of wrestling as well as different attitudes towards the sport. That can make for some very interesting reactions to past generations and that was certainly on display this week as a reigning champion was not so positive about a former star.

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Earlier this month, reigning WWE Intercontinental Champion Gunther appeared on an edition of the Bump (Gunther’s appearance begins at about 35:45), where he talked about former Intercontinental Champions. Gunther was asked about the Ultimate Warrior and said that Warrior was “a showman” and not an athlete or a professional wrestler. During a new interview with Wrestlingnews.co, Gunther did not back down from his comments, saying “yeah of course I mean it”.

That’s a heck of a take. Check out the two champs in action:

Opinion: It isn’t the biggest surprise that someone known for being as serious as Gunther isn’t a fan of the Warrior, but it is a little bit of a surprise that he emphasized how little he thought of Warrior. At the end of the day, that’s what Gunther thinks of him though and he has been asked about it twice now, meaning that opinion isn’t likely going to change anytime soon. I do get some of his thinking, but Warrior certainly did have his day as well as his fans and that has to be acknowledged.

What did you think of Gunther’s comments? Which of the two did you like better? Let us kno win the comments below.

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