Monday Night Raw
Date: April 29, 2024
Location: T-Mobile Center, Kansas City, Missouri
Commentators: Michael Cole, Pat McAfee

It’s the second night of the Draft and the first night did not exactly leave them much to top. There were only so many interesting Draft picks as most of them saw people staying on the same show. This week could use some actual shake ups, or at least a nice run of NXT stars. Let’s get to it.

Logan Paul arrives and is greeted by the Judgment Day and….NFL superstar Patrick Mahomes. Everyone likes each other, including Damian Priest and Logan Paul liking each others’ titles.

Commentary hypes up the Draft.

Here is Becky Lynch for a chat. Lynch is proud to be the Women’s World Champion and ready to face a new #1 contender. Cue Liv Morgan to say she can do that, as she did what Lynch couldn’t at Wrestlemania, when she took out Rhea Ripley. This was always the endgame…and here is Nia Jax to interrupt because she needs to be on both shows. Jax finds her reception incredibly rude and should be champion right now.  Jax is going to the other show but she is taking one of them with her. Morgan knocks her off the apron and the match seems likely for later tonight.

Here is Stephanie McMahon for the first picks.

Monday Night Raw

1. Imperium
2. Damage CTRL


1. Jade Cargill
2. Kevin Owens

Of note: Imperium is announced as Gunther and Ludwig Kaiser, with no Giovanni Vinci included.

Xavier Woods vs. Gunther

Kofi Kingston and Ludwig Kaiser are here too. Gunther starts fast and chops away as they head outside. Woods gets dropped onto the apron and we take an early break. Back with Gunther slamming Woods down as we get what appears to be an Uncle Howdy distortion. Woods dares to fire off a chop and gets the soul chopped out of his body (McAfee: “NEW! DAY’S CHOPPED”).

A clothesline sets up more chops but Woods slips out of a powerbomb attempt. Woods is sat up top but knocks Gunther back for a missile dropkick and a near fall. Gunther knocks him into the ropes with Woods’ leg getting tied up (and the audio messing up again, which again appears to be intentional) as we take a break.

Back with Gunther working on the leg, including tying him up in the Tree of Woe to strike away. Gunther goes up and tries the splash but only hits raised knees. Woods can barely stand so his superkick is countered into a half crab. Kofi grabs the towel and teases throwing it in but Woods says he can do it. The towel is thrown into the crowd instead so Gunther turns it into an STF for the tap at 16:30.

Result: Gunther b. Xavier Woods – STF (16:30)

Jey Uso is ready for the pressure of being the #1 overall draft pick. As for Logan Paul being here, he wishes it was the Paul brother with a winning record.

A Kansas City Chiefs fans who survived a shooting at the Super Bowl parade is here.

Here are Logan Paul and IShowSpeed to announce the next picks, but first they introduce Patrick Mahomes at ringside.

Monday Night Raw

3. CM Punk
4. Braun Strowman


3. The Pride
4. Tiffany Stratton

With the picks over, Logan Paul comes to the ring to shout about how Damian Priest will beat Jey Uso, who can’t win anything on his own. Cue Uso, to threaten Paul with some yeeting. Paul says he has been yeeting since 2017 and here is the Judgment Day, with Uso getting beaten down. Patrick Mahomes gives Paul his Super Bowl rings but Paul hits JD McDonagh by mistake. Braun Strowman comes in for the save…and has to be held back from Mahomes.

R-Truth has made a deal with Chad Gable, which is for a title shot tonight in exchange for two things later. Miz comes in and says this is the Draft, with R-Truth thinking they might be drafted to the NFL. With R-Truth gone, Gable mocks Miz and gets jumped by Sami Zayn.

Booker T. is happy with Jade Cargill coming to Smackdown because that’s a game changer. He’s interested in CM Punk being drafted as well so here is Drew McIntyre to point out Booker didn’t like Punk back in the day. Booker has changed.

Intercontinental Title: Bronson Reed vs. Sami Zayn

Zayn is defending and gets chopped/headbutted up against the ropes to start. Reed is sent outside though and an Arabian moonsault drops him again. Back in and Reed knocks him down without much trouble as we take a break. We come back with Zayn getting pulled out of the air and release Rock Bottomed for two. Reed’s sitout powerbomb gets two but Zayn is back up with the Helluva Kick….and Chad Gable runs in for the DQ at 7:51.

Result: Sami Zayn b. Bronson Reed via DQ when Chad Gable interfered (7:51)

Post match Gable gets the ankle lock until Reed adds a Tsunami. Reed and Gable then get into it with Reed holding up the title.

We look at Kiana James being drafted from NXT to Raw.

Here are Ron Simmons and John Bradshaw Layfield for the next picks.

Monday Night Raw
5. LWO
6. Drew McIntyre

5. Legado del Fantasma
6. Shinsuke Nakamura

Of note: Carlito is still listed as part of the LWO.

Here is Drew McIntyre for a chat. He might be the only sane person around here because how is he a third round draft pick? Has the APA had everyone around here drinking since Friday? The fans chant for CM PUNK, who McIntyre called part of the establishment. Punk fractured McIntyre’s elbow at Wrestlemania…and here is Punk in a sky box. Punk says he’s here and McIntyre is livid.

Chad Gable is mad at the rest of the Alpha Academy for being hyped up despite not winning. They better go win him a championship.

Bron Breakker is interrupted by Sheamus, who says he’s a big fan. A livid Drew McIntyre storms by.

Candice LeRae vs. Maxxine Dupri

Indi Hartwell and Ivy Nile are here too. Dupri starts fast and kicks her down, setting up a reverse Caterpillar. The ankle lock goes on but Hartwell posts Nile for a distraction. LeRae gets out and grabs the Wicked Stepmother for the pin at 1:47.

Result: Candice LeRae b. Maxxine Dupri – Wicked Stepmother (1:47)

We look at Carlito being revealed as Dragon Lee’s attacker and turning on the LWO as a result.

The LWO has unfinished business with Carlito but Dominik Mysterio interrupts. Rey Mysterio mocks his mustache.

Drew McIntyre storms the sky box to find CM Punk but only finds an autographed photo. Instead, here is Punk to the ring for a chat. Punk loves the people here so he won’t waste time, so he sits down and asks for 5:46 to talk about McIntyre. He has had McIntyre’s attention for quite some time, with McIntyre being like the ex-girlfriend that won’t go away.

Punk is happy McIntyre got injured and thought it might have happened when McIntyre was on Twitter because it’s all he is good at. The reality is Punk was drafted ahead of McIntyre because he is better at anything in wrestling. Losers pray for things to happen but winners make it happen themselves. When Punk is healthy, he’s going to ruin McIntyre’s life.

Here are Alundra Blayze and Teddy Long for some more picks.

Monday Night Raw

7. Judgment Day
8. Ilja Dragunov (From NXT)


7. Naomi
8. Chelsea Green/Piper Niven

Of note: Rhea Ripley was not mentioned in Judgment Day.

Liv Morgan vs. Nia Jax

Jax powers her into the corner to start but Morgan kicks her way out of trouble. Some dropkicks have Jax in more trouble but she knocks Morgan away without much trouble. The Annihilator is broken up and Jax heads outside, where she powers Morgan down again. Tiffany Stratton comes in to watch from the front row as we take a break. Back with Morgan fighting out of a chinlock but getting planted with a Samoan drop for two. The Annihilator is loaded up but Morgan powerbombs her down for two instead. Cue Naomi to brawl with Stratton, allowing Morgan to hit a Codebreaker and Oblivion for the pin at 10:26.

Result: Liv Morgan b. Nia Jax – Oblivion (10:26)

Booker T. is excited about some of the picks. Adam Pearce’s favorite pick: Chelsea Green to Smackdown! He’s almost dancing in happiness as he goes to make more picks. That was hilarious.

We look at Logan Paul accidentally hitting JD McDonagh with Patrick Mahomes’ Super Bowl rings.

Here are the Dudley Boyz for the next picks.

Monday Night Raw

9. New Day
10. Lyra Valkyria (From NXT)


9. Pretty Deadly
10. Candice LeRae/Indi Hartwell

Raw Tag Team Titles: Awesome Truth vs. Alpha Academy

Awesome Truth is defending and we’re joined in progress with Miz getting the tag and cleaning house. Otis runs him over and hits the Caterpillar but Tozawa’s top rope backsplash hits raised knees. The Truth Crushing Finale retains the titles at 1:50 shown.

Result: Awesome Truth b. Alpha Academy – Truth Crushing Finale to Tozawa (1:50)

Damian Priest isn’t surprised that Judgment Day fell to the fourth round. JD McDonagh reveals a HORRIBLE looking bruise from the rings shot.

Becky Lynch congratulates Liv Morgan on her win. With Morgan gone, Damage CTRL comes in to threaten Lynch a bit. They even touch the title.

Here are Adam Pearce and Nick Aldis for the final picks.

Monday Night Raw

11. Final Testament
12. Bronson Reed


11. DIY
12. Blair Davenport (From NXT)

Jey Uso/Ricochet/Andrade vs. Judgment Day

Balor headlocks Andrade to start and everything breaks down, with the villains being knocked to the floor, including Priest being knocked over the announcers’ table, as we take a break. Back with Priest cranking on Ricochet’s arms as McAfee talks about how Priest going over the table set off a life alert on Cole’s Apple Watch.

Balor adds a backbreaker with Priest dropping a leg for two but Ricochet Recoils his way out of trouble. The tag brings in Jey for some right hands (and yeets), setting up a high crossbody for two on Balor. Uso drops Priest and goes up but Priest grabs him by the throat. McDonagh makes the save attempt but accidentally lets Uso get away. That means a superkick to Priest, followed by a spear and Superfly Splash to pin Balor at 10:33.

Result: Jey Uso/Ricochet/Andrade b. Judgment Day – Superfly Splash to Balor (10:33)

A quick Backlash rundown ends the show.

Gunther b. Xavier Woods – STF
Sami Zayn b. Bronson Reed via DQ when Chad Gable interfered
Candice LeRae b. Maxxine Dupri – Wicked Stepmother
Liv Morgan b. Nia Jax – Oblivion
Awesome Truth b. Alpha Academy – Truth Crushing Finale to Tozawa
Jey Uso/Ricochet/Andrade b. Judgment Day – Superfly Splash to Balor

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