She….didn’t do it? Wrestlers are in a weird place when it comes to celebrity status. While they are often presented on national television and can be seen by millions of people every week, they are also primarily known for just one thing. That can still lead to some interesting spots though, and that was the case this week, albeit in a way that might not have been so great.

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This week, WWE Superstar Becky Lynch appeared on an episode of Celebrity Jeopardy. According to The Jeopardy! Fan on Twitter, Lynch did not give a correct response through the first sixty clues. This is believed to be the first time that such a thing has happened in the history of Jeopardy. Lynch did get clues right in the third round, which is only played in the celebrity edition of the game. She went on to finish in third place with a score of $1,000.

Lynch is better at other things. Check out some of her in the ring:

Opinion: This is a situation where the story can be a bit misleading. While Lynch did not give many correct responses, she also only got five out of sixty wrong. The way Jeopardy works, being able to ring in is a very important factor and Lynch seemed to be a little lacking in that area. That doesn’t show a lack of intelligence but rather a lack of a quick finger, which is a rather different situation.

What did you think of Lynch on the show? What is next for her in WWE? Let us know in the comments below.

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