Date: May 6, 2021
Location: BT Studios, London, England
Commentators: Nigel McGuinness, Andy Shepherd

It’s time to get rid of someone as the main event of this week’s show will feature Amir Jordan vs. Kenny Williams in a loser leaves NXT UK showdown. This presents an interesting challenge as the result should not be surprising, but neither of them are really major stars in the first place. NXT UK can probably find a way to make it work though so let’s get to it.

Opening sequence.

Ilja Dragunov vs. Dave Mastiff

Dragunov slugs away to start but Mastiff gets in a shot of his own. A headlock doesn’t last for Dragunov, who is sent into the ropes in a hurry but comes off with a heck of a forearm. Dragunov jumps on his back for a choke as something seems to be wrong with Mastiff. A drop back breaks the hold but the referee checks on Mastiff and stops the match at 1:37.

Result: Ilja Dragunov vs. Dave Mastiff went to a no contest via referee stoppage (1:37)

The replay shows that the forearm busted Mastiff open and he did look shaken up.

Video on Xia Brookside (the first of five, one for each of the entries in the gauntlet match). She’ll fight for us.

Kenny Williams is ready for the main event.

Stevie Turner wants the best in NXT UK and seems to like the future.

Ilja Dragunov doesn’t want to talk about what happened out there.

Gallus plays with a ball because whenever they drop it, they pick it back up. Rampage Brown comes up and isn’t happy that Joe Coffey isn’t here.

Video on Isla Dawn, who will sacrifice her soul to be Women’s Champion.

It’s time for Supernova Sessions, with Noam Dar talking about how people see him as underrated. That doesn’t make sense to him, but he doesn’t need validation from the fans anyway. With that out of the way, we’ll get to our guest with Nathan Frazer coming out. Frazer changed his name from Ben Carter because Carter was the name he used to hide his wrestling career from his family and coach. Now he is with WWE though so how much hiding can he do? Sha Samuels says Frazer isn’t a real British wrestler and after some yelling, a challenge is set.

Video on Jinny, who has studied for next week.

Amir Jordan is ready for the main event.

Subculture video. They want you to join them.

We look at Tyler Bate beating A-Kid in their first match last year, with both guys watching. Then they wrestled again, with the more confident and experienced A-Kid beating Bate, his mentor. Now it’s time for the rubber match for the Heritage Cup.

Video on Dani Luna, who is strong.

Saxton Huxley vs. Trent Seven

Huxley backs him into the corner to start and uppercuts away at the ribs. Some knees to the ribs put him down Seven down again but he’s right back with a slam into a legdrop. Back up and Huxley hits a running knee into a Thesz press to take over again. Some facewashes in the corner set up a running hip attack into a big boot.

Seven gets knocked down to the floor for an elbow off the apron for two back inside. A missed charge lets Seven hit a DDT though…and Sam Gradwell pops up on the screen to talk about how Seven can’t get the job done, no matter how much weight he lost. Seven is fine enough to snap off a dragon suplex into the Seven Star Lariat for the pin at 6:03.

Result: Trent Seven b. Saxton Huxley – Seven Star Lariat (6:03)

Video on Emilia McKenzie, who wants to prove herself around here.

Amale has attacked Xia Brookside and left her laying. Brookside might be in danger for next week’s match.

Kenny Williams vs. Amir Jordan

No DQ and Loser Leaves NXT UK. Williams takes him into the corner for some shots to the ribs to start but Jordan fights out and talks about how it’s all on the line here. A whip into the corner puts Williams down for two but he is right back with a kick to Jordan’s already banged up shoulder. Williams jumps down onto the shoulder and then cranks away, followed by a trip to the floor.

Some chair shots to the back keep Jordan down and it’s time to throw in a toolbox. Williams grabs something from said box and sits down in a chair, promising to end Jordan for good. Jordan fights his way out despite being upside down and kicks Williams outside. The suicide dive connects but a kick only hits post. The mats are peeled back but Jordan manages to block a bulldog driver onto the concrete.

Jordan is whipped into the barricade but manages to send him over said barricade so the walking/fighting portion can begin. An anvil case takes Williams down again but he comes back with a fire extinguisher blast. They crash through the barricade, with Jordan saying he won’t quit because this is his life. Back in and Williams takes the turnbuckle pad off and sends Jordan into the steel for two.

A powerbomb onto the exposed floor is broken up though and Jordan manages to suplex him onto the concrete instead. Jordan throws him back in for the top rope Swanton and a rather near fall. With Williams down, Jordan goes up top, only to have Williams throw a chair at him for the crotching. A bulldog driver into the chair finishes Jordan at 13:55.

Result: Kenny Williams b. Amir Jordan – Bulldog driver onto a chair (13:55)

Post match Jordan is crushed but managed to pull himself up so he can walk away on his own to end the show, complete with one look back at the NXT UK logo.

Overall Rating: C. This was a weird show as the main event did deliver but it wasn’t quite big enough to have such a focus. The rest of the show was mainly focused on the upcoming women’s gauntlet match than anything else, though the other builds worked out. Not every show they do is going to be some big smash, but if this is the new standard for a somewhat weaker show, they’ll be just fine.

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