Date: September 22, 2023
Location: Capitol Wrestling Center, Orlando, Florida
Commentators: Blake Howard, Byron Saxton

On a show that rarely feels important, it makes sense that we get the only meaningless match of the Global Heritage Invitational. The winners have already been established and now we get the final match between two people who have already been eliminated. At least we also have Tatum Paxley turning on Dani Palmer last week as a possible continuing story around here. Let’s get to it.

Opening sequence.

Ivy Nile vs. Izzi Dame

Nile takes her down with a headlock to start and then does it again for a bonus. Back up and a running crossbody takes Dame down again, setting up a third headlock. Dame finally fights to her feet and sends her into the corner, meaning it’s time for the stomping. Nile’s leg is rammed into the mat and Dame cranks away on the leg. A sunset flip gives Nile one but she misses an enziguri. The bad knee is slammed into the apron but Nile calmly flips into the Diamond Chain Lock for the tap at 5:22.

Result: Ivy Nile b. Izzi Dame – Diamond Chain Lock (5:22)

Luca Crusifino is ready for Ikemen Jiro and that illegal jacket of his. This turns into a battle of objections between Luca and Kelly Kincaid.

Luca Crusifino vs. Ikemen Jiro

Crusifino shoves him down a few times so Jiro nips up a few times. That just annoys Crusifino, who hammers away against the ropes and hits a neckbreaker for two. Jiro slips out of a necklock and fires off the jacket punches. The springboard moonsault gives Jiro two but Crusifino pulls off the jacket. Back up and Crusifino throws the jacket in Jiro’s face and rolls him up for the pin (with trunks) at 2:59.

Result: Luca Crusifino b. Ikemen Jiro – Rollup with trunks (2:59)

Global Heritage Invitational Group A: Axiom vs. Charlie Dempsey

Feeling out process to start with Axiom taking him down with an armbar. Dempsey is up with a headlock but Axiom drops him again without much trouble. Fans: “THANK YOU REGAL”! Dempsey swings him into a backbreaker to take over and strikes away at the back to keep Axiom down.

The abdominal stretch has Axiom in more trouble but he reverses into an Octopus hold of all things. A dropkick sends Dempsey outside and Axiom hits a dive. Back in a high crossbody is countered into a tabletop suplex to give Dempsey two. A wheelbarrow suplex gives Dempsey two more and we hit the chinlock. That’s broken up rather quickly so Dempsey goes up, only to get pulled back down. The Golden Ratio finishes Dempsey at 7:55.

Result: Axiom b. Charlie Dempsey – Golden Ratio (7:55)

Group A Standings
Butch – 2-0-1, 5 points, 0 matches remaining
Tyler Bate – 2-1-0, 4 points, 0 matches remaining
Axiom – 1-1-1, 3 point, 0 matches remaining
Charlie Dempsey – 0-3-0, 0 points, 0 matches remaining

Ivy Nile b. Izzi Dame – Diamond Chain Lock
Luca Crusifino b. Ikemen Jiro – Rollup with trunks
Axiom b. Charlie Dempsey – Golden Ratio

NXT LVL Up, 2023, Ivy Nile, Izzi Dame, Kelly Kincaid, Ikemen Jiro, Luca Crusifino, Axiom, Charlie Dempsey

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