Date: September 26, 2023
Location: Capitol Wrestling Center, Orlando, Florida
Commentators: Vic Joseph, Booker T.

It’s a big night as this is the go home show for this weekend’s No Mercy event. That means we need a new #1 contender to the Heritage Cup, with Butch and Joe Coffey facing off for the title shot. Other than that, we’ll get the final push towards everything on Saturday, which should be good. Let’s get to it.

Global Heritage Invitational Finals: Butch vs. Joe Coffey

The winner gets a Heritage Cup Title shot at Noam Dar (watching from a box with the Meta Four) and the rest of Gallus is here with Coffey. Butch takes him to the mat with a headlock to start before starting in on the arm. The stomp to the arm sets up a Fujiwara armbar but a Wolfgang distraction lets Coffey fight back. Butch flips out of a belly to back suplex and Gallus is ejected as we take a break.

Back with Butch working on the arm but Coffey knocks him down again. A German suplex drops Butch again but he’s back with an enziguri. Coffey stays up for a discus lariat to leave them both down. Coffey’s running headbutt sends Butch into the corner and All The Best For The Bells gets two. Butch is sent outside where he avoids a charge, sending Coffey into the steps. Back in and the Bitter End finishes for Butch at 12:41.

Result: Butch b. Joe Coffey – Bitter End (12:41)

Dominik Mysterio, with a black eye, isn’t happy with having to defend against the winner of tonight’s triple threat on Saturday. First Adam Pearce is after him and now it’s Shawn Michaels.

Tony D’Angelo and Stacks are at their dinner and waiting on other tag teams to show up for their dinner. Los Lotharios are here first and get checked for weapons before they get to sit down. Angel Garza isn’t sure about the foot but they’re here for the titles anyway. Other teams are on the way.

Trick Williams vs. Joe Gacy

Ava is here with Gacy. Williams shoulders him down to start and scores with a dropkick. Gacy gets in a shot of his own and unloads with forearms on the mat. The chinlock goes on but Williams is right back up. A leg lariat puts Gacy down but he slips out of a slam and hits a corner elbow. The Upside Down is broken up though and Williams hits a running knee for the clean pin at 2:27.

Result: Trick Williams b. Joe Gacy – Running knee (2:27)

Post match Williams says he’s behind Carmelo Hayes, but Hayes already has his title. Now Williams wants his own.

Blair Davenport doesn’t like Gigi Dolin jumping her from behind. She’s coming for her.

Chase U is worried about Thea Hail when they run into Jacy Jayne. They ask about Thea, who pops in with her new outfit. She’s happy with the new her but Chase U isn’t impressed. Jayne promises more.

Josh Briggs vs. Baron Corbin

Brooks Jensen and Fallon Henley are here too. They brawl to the floor to start with Briggs getting the better of things. Back in and Corbin hits a big boot to take over and hammers away. Briggs gets in a few shots but runs into End Of Days for the pin at 2:58.

Result: Baron Corbin b. Josh Briggs – End Of Days (2:58)

Post match Corbin calls out Bron Breakker for No Mercy. Cue Breakker and the brawl is on with security breaking it up.

Trick Williams goes into Shawn Michaels’ office.

Long video on Becky Lynch vs. Tiffany Stratton, with Stratton saying she’s already sick of Lynch.

Lucien Price/Bronco Nima vs. Tank Ledger/Hank Walker

Ledger takes Nima into the corner to start and Ledger adds some running shots of his own. A slingshot splash gets two on Nima but he comes back with a heck of hook kick to the head. Price comes in for a running crotch attack on the rope but Ledger gets the tag and cleans house. Everything breaks down and the assisted Alabama Slam finishes Ledger at 2:48.

Result: Lucien Price/Bronco Nima b. Tank Ledger/Hank Walker – Assisted Alabama Slam to Ledger (2:48)

Blair Davenport jumps Gigi Dolin in her locker room.

Back to the dinner and Los Lotharios want the Tag Team Titles. The Creed Brothers come in and Brutus is already hungry. The Creeds make Mafia and Godfather references but some more people are coming.

Tyler Bate and Axiom are friends but they’re willing to fight for a title shot tonight. Trick Williams comes in to say the triple threat is now a four way. They’re cool with that.

Eddy Thorpe vs. Dijak

Strap match. They’re tied together and Dijak goes straight to the floor, with Thorpe diving onto him for the big crash. A middle rope dropkick takes Dijak down again but he knocks Thorpe into the corner to start the beating. Thorpe is sent outside for a crash and we take an early break.

Back with Thorpe slugging his way out of trouble and hitting a Cactus Clothesline. Dijak is fine enough to hit a chokeslam onto the apron and whips Thorpe into the barricade, where his family is watching. As his family is scared of what they’re seeing, Thorpe fights up and strikes away with the strap back inside, setting up a top rope elbow for the pin at 10:03.

Result: Eddy Thorpe b. Dijak – Top rope elbow (10:03)

Post match Dijak jumps Thorpe again as I guess this isn’t over. Thorpe is tied in the Tree of Woe for a whipping.

Blair Davenport interrupts an update on Gigi Dolin and warns Dolin to think twice about messing with her.

Dani Palmer vs. Thea Hail

Hail is basically dressed like Jacy Jayne (who is here as well), so Booker T. talks about Hannah Montana. Hail takes her down for a splash to the arm and the wristlock goes on. The Fujiwara armbar goes on but Palmer reverses into a rollup for two. Palmer drops her and goes up, only to miss the corkscrew moonsault. Hail grabs the Kimura for the tap at 2:10.

Result: Thea Hail b> Dani Palmer – Kimura (2:10)

Trick Williams comes up to Carmelo Hayes, who keeps texting while Williams talks about what he’s done tonight.

Barn Corbin and Bron Breakker get in another fight in the back.

Dragon Lee vs. Axiom vs. Trick Williams vs. Tyler Bate

For a North American Title shot at No Mercy. Williams gets knocked to the floor to start and Bate hits a big dive to take him out again. That leaves Lee to charge into Axiom’s elbow to the face, followed by a dropkick for a bonus. Axiom goes after the pile on the floor and Lee dives onto everyone. Back in and we get a three way submission, with only Axiom not in danger. Bate figures that out and breaks it up, leaving everyone free. Williams starts cleaning house (the fans approve), including a double flapjack to Bate and Axiom.

We take a break and come back with Axiom taking Bate down for two but Lee makes the save. Lee hits some corner dropkicks and a sitout powerbomb gets two on Bate. Williams clears out Axiom and hits a double Rock Bottom for two each on Bate and Lee. Bate is back up and airplane spins Lee and giant swings Axiom at the same time but Williams is back in and everyone is knocked down for a breather.

Lee knocks Axiom down again with a superkick and goes up top but Axiom catches him on top with a super Spanish Fly. The fans are VERY impressed but Williams comes back in. Lee headbutts Williams….and falls to the floor, leaving Williams to fall on Axiom for the pin at 10:42.

Result: Trick Williams b. Dragon Lee, Axiom and Tyler Bate – Williams fell on Axiom (10:42)

Bronco Nima and Lucien Price, with Scrypts, arrive at the dinner and the champs make fun of Scrypts. Insults ensue and the four way title match is made.

Dominik Mysterio is ready for Trick Williams when Dragon Lee jumps him.

Carmelo Hayes is on his way to the ring when Trick Williams pops up. Hayes is proud of him and they’re both ready to win at No Mercy.

An unseen man is watching television, including the Cincinnati Bengals and WCW.

No Mercy rundown.

Here are Ilja Dragunov and Carmelo Hayes for the contract signing, with Dragunov almost hyperventilating over the sight for the belt. Hayes says there’s nothing left to say to each other so let’s just sign the deal. Dragunov talks about how Hayes is always in the wrong place at the wrong time, with Hayes saying it’s just like Dragunov at the Great American Bash.

Dragunov says Hayes took his best shot at the Bash and missed, which is why he needed the chair. Hayes talks about how being the champion isn’t about enduring pain but rather being undeniable and Him. He says that he’s different than everyone Dragunov has faced, like Wes Lee, Oro Mensah or….Trick Williams.

Dragunov knows Hayes just slipped up and signs the contract before saying Hayes can’t do anything at No Mercy. If Hayes wants to pus him to new limits, Hayes will find something he won’t forget for the rest of his life. Hayes signs as well and says the title is bigger than the two of them. He’s a beacon of hope for people who look like him. Dragunov can be champion, but he can’t do it better than Hayes.

One more thing: Dragon Lee will be guest referee for Dominik Mysterio vs. Trick Williams at No Mercy.

Baron Corbin and Bron Breakker are still fighting in the parking lot. A car is opened and Breakker’s spear hits the open door, allowing Corbin to unload on him. Breakker shrugs off a low blow and grabs a choke as the fight heads inside. They crash through the wall of Shawn Michaels’ office and security finally breaks it up to end the show.


Butch b. Joe Coffey – Bitter End
Trick Williams b. Joe Gacy – Jumping knee
Baron Corbin b. Josh Briggs – End Of Days
Lucien Price/Bronco Nima b. Tank Ledger/Hank Walker – Assisted Alabama Slam to Ledger
Eddy Thorpe b. Dijak – Top rope elbow
Thea Hail b. Dani Palmer – Fujiwara armbar
Trick Williams b. Dragon Lee, Axiom and Tyler Bate – Williams fell on Axiom

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