Monday Night Raw
Date: June 22, 2020
Location: WWE Performance Center, Orlando, Florida
Commentators: Tom Phillips, Samoa Joe, Byron Saxton

We’re less than a month away from Extreme Rules but tonight is going to get a serious focus on the title picture with four title matches in one night. There almost has to be a title change in there somewhere, though the threat of Charlotte winning the Raw Women’s Title again makes me cringe. Let’s get to it.

A voiceover runs down the four title matches, plus everything else.

Here’s Drew McIntyre to open things up. He explains last week’s title defense….but here’s Dolph Ziggler to interrupt. Ziggler explains that he and Robert Roode have been traded to Raw in exchange for AJ Styles. We hear about McIntyre’s redemption story, with Ziggler bringing him up from nothing and now McIntyre is WWE Champion.

That sounds like a reason for Ziggler to get a title shot at Extreme Rules, but McIntyre doesn’t remember Ziggler winning many matches without Big Daddy Claymore there to help him out. Ziggler has become exactly what the two of them used to despise: an entitled jackass. It was Ziggler who named him the Scottish Psychopath so imagine what McIntyre will do with the title on the line. Ziggler wants the match, so it’s set for Extreme Rules for the title.

Here’s Nia Jax to sit in a chair and complain about Charlotte getting another title shot at the snap of her fingers. Where is the fairness after Nia got cheated out of her title match last week? Cue R-Truth to interrupt, saying he was supposed to face some ninja here. Unless Nia is Akira Tozawa, because ninjas are masters of disguise. Nia doesn’t want to deal with this, but here’s Tozawa behind the commentary table.

The Ninjas appear to chase Truth off, leaving Nia alone in the ring to say she isn’t leaving….and here’s Charlotte. She’s glad to explain that Nia just dropped the ball again, but Nia brings up how much Charlotte’s dad helped her career. Charlotte says it wasn’t her dad who got beat Asuka for the first time. The insults are on as is the brawl, with referees breaking it up. Charlotte comes up favoring her left arm.

We recap the Viking Raiders vs. the Street Profits, setting up their Tag Team Title match.

The Raiders and Profits agree that they are friends, but they’re fighting for the titles once the bell rings. That’s cool, and the four of them head to the ring. Zelina Vega pops in to smile.

Tag Team Titles: Viking Raiders vs. Street Profits

The Profits are defending and the winners win their entire series. Erik drives Dawkins into the corner to start and Ivar is sent into Dawkins’ face fort he early two. Dawkins comes up with a heck of a right hand and it’s off to Ford for a pair of leapfrogs. There’s a dropkick to put Erik on the floor for the big flip dive….but Erik catches him in a power display. Ford is powerbombed onto Dawkins and we take a break.

Back with Ford making the hot tag to Dawkins so house can be cleaned. A Viking Experience gets two on Erik so it’s a shot to Ford’s face to take him down. The handspring elbow drops Ford again but he’s right back with an enziguri. Dawkins comes in and it’s a cartwheel off until Erik powerbombs Ford and World’s Strongest Slams Dawkins at the same time. Ivar’s top rope splash misses Dawkins so it’s the Cash Out to Ivar for the pin as Dawkins spears Ivar down at 8:35.

Result: Street Profits b. Viking Raiders – Cash Out to Ivar (8:35)

Post match respect is shown but Angel Garza and Andrade run in to jump the Profits. The Raiders make the save.

A serious Seth Rollins has a message for Rey Mysterio tonight.

We recap Dominick jumping Rollins last week and then running away from near destruction.

Rollins talks about how sometimes in life, people are put in roles they aren’t ready for. The difference between himself and Mysterio is that Rollins has accepted his role while Mysterio has allowed his son to get involved in the situation. The greater good is coming and Rey needs to know that legends never die, but they can outlive their welcome.

We look back at Nia and Charlotte getting in a fight earlier.

Charlotte’s arm is taped up but she’s not postponing anything tonight.

Charly Caruso asks Zelina Vega what was up with the attack but has to shake off Angel’s advances. They’re a united front and coming for the titles.

Raw Women’s Title: Charlotte vs. Asuka

Charlotte, with the bad shoulder, is challenging and stomps Asuka into the corner to start. Back up and Asuka is smart enough to kick at the arm and send it into the mat. The running hip attack in the ropes misses but Asuka snaps the arm across the top. There’s a kick to the face for a bonus but a dropkick off the apron misses, allowing Charlotte to hit her own boot to the face. They head back inside with Charlotte grabbing the Figure Four Neck Lock but she has to bail out of the moonsault.

Instead it’s a Downward Spiral to send Asuka into the middle buckle and we take a break. Back with Charlotte hammering away in the corner until Asuka grabs a German suplex. Asuka gets kicked in the face but manages to pull Charlotte into a cross armbreaker. Charlotte gets over to the ropes though and the spear connects for two. Asuka is right back with a triangle, so Charlotte powerbombs her way to…well actually right into the Asuka Lock for the tap 11:41.

Result: Asuka b. Charlotte – Asuka Lock (11:41)

In the back, Nia says it would be a shame for someone to kick the Queen when she is down.

We look back at Randy Orton beating Edge at Backlash, then challenging Christian to a match and Punting him as well, thanks to a Ric Flair low blow.

Edge is sitting in a ring and says Orton won at Backlash but he didn’t live up to his claim of being the better pure wrestler. He tore Edge’s tricep off the bone so it’s another surgery but Edge felt the panic. The Anti-Venom was about to be locked in and it was an accidental low blow so Orton could save himself. Edge is disappointed that he didn’t do it first and now this injury has kept him from hugging his daughters on Father’s Day. The second that Orton hit the Punt and then backed Jay into a corner, Orton showed what kind of a man he was.

Christian was ecstatic to be back for one night but then Orton went too far. Edge is thankful for waking up a side of Edge that has been gone and he doesn’t care how many backs he has to step on to be back. Now he’s going to make Orton wish that Cowboy Bob was firing blanks on the night he was conceived. Orton’s kids are going to come running up to him and ask if he’s ok, but he won’t be. Edge is going to be screaming louder than all of the voices in Orton’s head. Thank you for waking up the evil.

Orton talks about what happens when you back a snake into a corner. That snake is going to defend itself and do what it has to do to survive. Edge and Christian backed him into a corner and he struck so he’s going to do what he has to do to protect things. That’s Mother Nature and he hopes Edge and Christian recover and live healthy lives far, far away from him.

Charlotte is about to be interviewed by here’s Nia to jump her from behind.

24/7 Title: Akira Tozawa vs. R-Truth

Tozawa is challenging and has the Ninjas with him. Hold on though as here are Bobby Lashley and MVP to beat up the Ninjas before getting in the ring. There’s the full nelson on R-Truth to leave him laying in revenge for last week. Tozawa runs in to steal the pin and the title.

Natalya interrupts an update on Charlotte and says the division needs her leadership. Charlotte isn’t the kind of person to give motivational speeches and since the interviewer screwed up and didn’t schedule an interview with her, everyone will have to wait on Natalya’s announcement.

Liv Morgan vs. Natalya

Lana is here with Natalya. A discus lariat gets an early two on Liv and it’s a bunch of stomping in the corner. An over the shoulder backbreaker sends Morgan over to the ropes so Natalya tosses her to the floor. Liv gets in a shot of her own but Lana’s distraction lets Natalya hit a chop block. The Sharpshooter makes Liv tap at 2:00.

Result: Natalya b. Liv Morgan – Sharpshooter (2:00)

Post match, the celebration is on. No announcement is made.

Big Show is confused by all of the Ninjas around here. He was only here last week to see some old friends but when else is he going to get to punch a ninja? After a plug of the Big Show Show, he reminds us of the angry giant inside him. That man is heading to the ring right now.

Ziggler vs. McIntyre is confirmed for Extreme Rules.

Here’s Ric Flair to anoint Randy Orton as the Greatest Wrestler of All Time. Before we get to that, Flair warns Nia Jax of what is coming for her when Charlotte is healthy again. That brings Flair to Orton, who Punted Edge and Christian back into retirement last week. Cue Orton, with Flair holding the ropes open for him. Flair offers a bunch of praise and Orton talks about getting rid of Edge and Christian for the last time. It made him the Legend Killer again and now he’s back where he….can be interrupted by Big Show.

Edge and Christian are his friends so Orton is going to pay. Show has always known Orton is a parasite and they both know Edge isn’t done. Orton doesn’t like Show threatening Flair because Flair paved the way for people like them. It’s true that Show may be a legend but he’ll suffer the same fate as Edge and Christian. Show is ready to fight but Orton bails to the floor. Orton is motivated, and he’ll deal with Show later.

Women’s Tag Team Titles: IIconics vs. Sasha Banks/Bayley

Bayley and Banks are defending. Kay kicks Banks in the face for a very fast two but Bayley breaks up the running knee. Royce is sent into the announcers’ table so Kay gets tossed into the corner. Bayley comes in but gets sent into the other corner for a knee from Peyton as we take a break.

Back with Kay winning a slugout with Bayley but getting sent into the corner again. Bayley’s running elbow in the corner connects so Royce tags herself in. The fisherman’s suplex give Peyton two with Banks making the save. A double powerbomb gives the champs two on Royce, who gets caught in two of Three Amigos. The third is broken up but Banks is back with the Bank Statement to retain the titles at 6:47.

Result: Sasha Banks/Bayley b. IIconics – Bank Statement to Royce (6:47)

Post match Banks says she’s a little tired of hearing Bayley bragging about having two titles. She wants a title shot at Extreme Rules….against Asuka. Cue Asuka to yell in Japanese and the match is on. The beatdown is on as well with Banks getting the Bank Statement.

Bobby Lashley and MVP say this is the new Lashley, just like it could be a new Apollo Crews. See, MVP say what Crews used to beat Shelton Benjamin last week, which makes it more confusing to see Crews agree to face Benjamin again tonight.

Liv Morgan is banged up when Ruby Riott stops her. Morgan isn’t interested right now because she couldn’t feel much worse.

It’s time for the VIP Lounge with MVP talking about how great Apollo Crews has been lately. Crews comes out, with MVP talking about how Crews is talented but he needs someone to help guide his way through these stupid decisions. MVP mentions Crews’ daughter but Crews cuts him off, saying he got here without MVP’s help so the answer is no.

That doesn’t work for MVP, so Crews asks what MVP is going to do to take the title. See, MVP has won the title twice but isn’t going to hold it a third time. Crews doesn’t like what MVP is saying so here’s Shelton Benjamin to cut things off. An MVP distraction lets Benjamin get in a cheap shot though, with MVP saying always watch your blind side.

Shelton Benjamin vs. Apollo Crews

Non-title and joined in progress with Crews’ favoring his shoulder from before the match. Shelton kicks away but Crews gets in a shot of his own, setting up the standing moonsault. That’s pulled into a quick armbar, which is quickly countered for a crash out to the floor. Shelton’s charge hits post so Crews takes him back inside for the Toss Powerbomb and the pin at 2:10.

Result: Apollo Crews b. Shelton Benjamin – Toss Powerbomb (2:10)

Post match MVP gets in Crews’ face again but Lashley runs in for the full nelson to leave Crews laying.

Rey Mysterio assures Dominick that he’s ready to do this.

Here are Mysterio and Dominick for a chat. Rey talks about how scary it can be to not be able to get in touch with your child. That was the case last week when Rey didn’t know Dominick was coming here to go after Rollins. Mysterio isn’t happy with what Dominick did and no matter how big or strong he may be, he’s still Rey’s son. Last week, Dominick fought for him, so tonight, Rey is going to fight for him. He needs to get revenge on Rollins, but he needs to do it on his own.

Dominick isn’t going anywhere though, so Rollins can come fight a family. Cue Rollins to say Mysterio has put him in a difficult situation. Should he come to the ring to destroy a father in front of his son, or should he sacrifice Dominick in front of Rey? Actually never mind, because this is fate, prophecy and destiny, so he’ll take both of them at once. Austin Theory and Murphy join Rollins….but Aleister Black and Humberto Carrillo jump them from behind.

The brawl is on with Theory and Murphy being taken down, leaving Rollins surrounded. Mysterio gets in a 619 and the good guys try to take out Rollins’ eye like he did to Mysterio, only to have Murphy and Theory make the save. Rollins goes for Dominick’s eye but Black and Carrillo make the save to end the show.


Street Profits b. Viking Raiders – Cash Out to Ivar
Asuka b. Charlotte – Asuka Lock
Natalya b. Liv Morgan – Sharpshooter
Bayley/Sasha Banks b. IIconics – Bank Statement to Royce
Apollo Crews b. Shelton Benjamin – Toss Powerbomb

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