Fusion #13
Date: July 13, 2018
Location: Gilt Nightclub, Orlando, Florida
Commentators: Rich Bocchini, Tony Schiavone

We’re getting closer to Battle Riot and the build has been….I guess you could say unconventional so far. No one has really been talking about it but that might have something to do with the taping cycle, which would make sense. The good thing is I’m interested in the card because they’ve set up a nice cast of characters and I want to see where they go. Let’s get to it.

Here are last week’s results if you need a recap.

Opening sequence.

Before the show went on the air, Shane Strickland was attacked outside and taken to a hospital.

Stud Stable vs. Team TBD/Rhett Giddens

Dirty Blonds/Parrow for the Stable here. The graphic messes up for Giddens, who stands 6’5 and weighs 260lbs by saying he weight 657lbs. Yuta and Patrick start things up with the former getting two off some rollups. An Octopus Hold (the Yuta Lock) doesn’t do much to Patrick so Cade tags himself in instead. Parrow comes in and Cade has the guts to go right after him, earning a toss into the corner.

Cade does the heelish crawl over to the much bigger Giddens so it’s time for the big forearm exchange. Parrow gets the better of it and drops a big backsplash but Giddens kicks him in the face. It’s back to Yuta to pick up the pace with some kicks to the head, only to have Parrow toss him into the air for a big crash. Brien comes in for a delayed suplex as the slow beating begins. Parrow grabs a torture rack before Patrick comes back in for a chinlock.

Yuta sends Patrick into the corner though and scores with a high crossbody for the hot tag off to Cade. Everything breaks down in a hurry and we get more miscommunication between Yuta and Cade. Yuta goes up top while Cade is trying a backslide, making the confusion even worse. Brien breaks things up and powerslams Cade for the pin at 7:56.

Result: Stud Stable b. Team TBD/Rhett Giddens – Powerslam to Cade (7:56)

Yuta yells at Cade, who walks away.

Announced for Battle Riot: Fulton, Fred Yehi and Homicide.

Barrington Hughes vs. Jaye Skye

Hughes splashes him from behind and hits a delayed belly to back suplex for the pin at 12 seconds.

Result: Barrington Hughes b. Jaye Skye – Belly to back suplex (0:12)

Low Ki did NOT attack Strickland before the show as he was known to be elsewhere.

Joey Janela vs. Maxwell Jacob Friedman

Janela has Aria Blake with him. Friedman attacked Janela a few weeks back to set this up. Janela wastes no time in scoring with a Thesz press and some right hands, drawing a BAD BOY chant. A running boot in the corner doesn’t get to launch though as Friedman heads to the floor, meaning a big dive takes him down instead. Back in and Janela gets sent through the ropes, bouncing head first into the announcers’ area for a thud.

We take a break and come back with Janela hitting a dive to send Friedman into some chairs. Janela gets two off a Swanton Bomb but takes too long going up top, allowing Friedman to hit a top rope superplex for two of his own. With Janela in trouble, Aria offers a distraction so Friedman can grab a chair. Janela superkicks the chair right back into his face though and gets the pin at 7:51.

Result: Joey Janela b. Maxwell J. Friedman – Superkick into a chair (7:51)

Post match Janela leaves with Blake, not seeming to notice that she did something a little questionable. Friedman blames both Blake and the blind referee. It’s not Blake’s fault though because she’s been influenced by a bad boy. A real man could fix that so here’s Janela to jump him from behind.

The injured Strickland is cleared to defend the title against Low Ki next week.

Jimmy Havoc says he hasn’t forgotten what Team Filthy did to him and he’s coming back for revenge. He has the table sat for Tom Lawlor’s last supper.

Tom Lawlor vs. Jake Hager

This is billed as UFC vs. Bellator. Colonel Parker introduces Hager as the man who rules the world. Feeling out process to start with the much bigger Hager driving him into the corner. A running shoulder puts Lawlor down again and Parker is talking a good deal of trash.

The gutwrench powerbomb is countered into a choke to bring Hager down That earns Lawlor a hard powerbomb for the break and a belly to belly/spinebuster out of the corner. It’s too early for the ankle lock so Hager goes with a basic leg crank instead. That’s reversed into a heel hook and a Hennig necksnap puts Hager down again.

A missed charge sends Hager shoulder first into the post and Lawlor changes things up with the strikes. A running knee is countered into the ankle lock and Parker is thrilled with the idea of a broken ankle. Lawlor rolls through into a rear naked choke but cue the Dirty Blonds for the DQ at 8:12.

Result: Tom Lawlor b. Jake Hager via DQ when the Dirty Blonds interfered (8:12)

Post match the brawl is on until Parker calls the guys off. Lawlor implies that Parker has a certain dysfunction and promises to win Battle Riot.

If you liked the sound of this, you can check out the full show right here.

MLW Fusion Episode 13: Jake Hager vs. "Filthy" Tom Lawlor

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